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Coming off a 35-0 shutout victory where the Buffalo Bills squished the Phish, the Herd now faces the task of taking on one of the most formidable defenses in the NFL.
The Bills were able to knock Miami’s starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa out of the game early, whereas the Washington Football Team are already down to their second-string QB. Taylor Heinicke’s last name may sound like a clean synonym for describing one’s rear end, but the Bills are hoping his play resembles his namesake as well.
Though he’s a backup, Heinicke’s a good enough option to help the WFT stay in the game. Yet another blazing-fast receiver complements him in Terry McLaurin and a solid defensive supporting cast.
One former NFL scout even thinks Heinicke is good enough to be Washington’s QB1 for the rest of the season. Of course, he’ll never come close to being as good as Josh Allen. Heinicke’s probably more like a Mitch Trubisky, which isn’t bad, but not what you want as a starter against a playoff team.
Buffalo Bills Week 3 game details, where to watch
Sunday, September 26, 2021 Start time: 1:00 PM ET TV channel - FOX Location - Highmark Stadium at 1 Bills Dr in Orchard Park, NY  

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What happened last time the Bills played the Washington Football Team?
Bills 24
Washington 9
In Week 9 of the 2019 football season, Washington traveled to Orchard Park to take on the Buffalo Bills. While they may have had a different team name then, they still stunk. 
Washington would finish the season 3-13, and the Bills continued to improve, ending at 10-6. In 2019, Dwayne Haskins and Adrian Peterson were their highlights on offense. Much has changed in just two years, including the hiring of Ron Rivera to be the head coach.
Defensively the WFT still has some core players from 2019, but it will be Buffalo’s first time facing the freakish edge rusher Chase Young. Washington finished with the 27th ranked defense, allowing 27.2 points per game that season. Don’t expect that same porous defense to show up on Sunday. In 2020, Washington improved to fourth in the NFL, allowing just 20.6 points per game.

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Matchups to watch
Josh Allen vs. WFT secondary This is an important matchup for both Josh Allen and Washington’s secondary. Allen hasn’t quite been the same quarterback as we’ve seen from him the past couple of seasons. Struggling again to connect on intermediate passes, Allen needs to have a big game to quiet the early concerns.
The good news for Bills Fans is Washington’s secondary presents a chance for Allen to bounce back. Their defense is strong up front but a bit weak outback. Josh Allen can be great if the WFT can make Daniel Jones look competent as they did in Week 2.
Buffalo OL vs. Washington front seven Washington’s pass rush is by far their best and scariest portion of this team. With bookends Montez Sweat and Chase Young representing possibly the quickest pass rush duo in the NFL, the blocking scheme will have to be even better than last week, when they allowed 12 pressures. Young has yet to tally his first sack, so he’ll be hungry on game day.
One way the Bills can slow down the pass rush is by continuing to run the ball effectively. Hitting Washington in the mouth early with some first-down runs will take away their ability to pin their ears back and chase after Josh Allen. 
Buffalo’s 260 rushing yards in the first two games suggests Brian Daboll is more serious about sticking with the ground game in 2021. After going away from it a bit in Week 1, the Bills had great success in Week 2. We’ll see if that momentum keeps rolling at home.
Bills pass rush vs. WFT O-line Washington’s front five is coming off a great game, only allowing five pressures on Thursday Night Football. They also will be very well rested, with nine days in between games. 
But don’t get it twisted, the pass rush of the Bills is coming off a phenomenal performance of their own, pressuring Dolphins QB’s an astonishing 38 times in one game, per Pro Football Focus. Sticking with PFF, Groot had the best pass-rush win rate of all Bill defenders, beating his opponent on 35.7% of the snaps he was out there rushing the passer.
If Leslie Frazier can keep getting the defense to wreak havoc, the Bills can legitimately be a top-ten unit on both sides of the ball all season long. 
Bonus stat: We’ve been waiting to see some speed out of Buffalo’s backfield for some time now. Last week, Devin Singletary sprinted for a 46-yard touchdown and displayed a burst we hadn’t quite seen before. It was the quickest Singletary has ever run on an NFL field, reaching 20.29 MPH. For some additional context, the fastest any NFL ballcarrier has gone this season is 21.62 MPH.

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Buffalo Bills Week 3 game prediction
Last season’s record: Buffalo Bills 13-3, reached AFC Conference Championship Washington Football Team 7-9, 1st place in NFC East, lost Wild Card 23-31 vs. Bucs  
DraftKings currently has the Bills favored to win by eight points, which is the most Buffalo has been favored by heading into a game this season. A big part of that has to do with Washington being forced to start their backup QB. 
With a total of just three NFL starts on his resume, Taylor Heinicke remains inexperienced. The other thing is, he’s never faced the Bills Mafia. While he has had some solid games against the Tampa Buccaneers and the New York Giants, Heinicke isn’t going to wow anyone with his arm, as Josh Allen consistently does.
Nobody really thinks Allen has regressed back to his rookie-year form. As long as the blockers do their job, if there’s a game for the air assault to happen, it’s this one. Stefon Diggs is still the best there is, and with just 64.5 yards per game in the first two weeks, he’s due for a big performance.
For Buffalo’s defense, slowing down the speed of scary Terry McLaurin will be paramount to their success. If Sean McDermott has the Herd playing anywhere close to as well as they did in Miami, then Bills Fans should be able to go home celebrating a 2-1 start to their season. 
Game prediction: 28-13 Bills victory
BillsFans.com - Andrew Buller-Russ 
Buffalo Bills @ Dolphins 9/19/2021- A Few Thoughts, in no particular order
Throw the Dolphins on the Pile
Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins Week 2 game preview


Buffalo Style Tailgating Menu

By Ann, in Home Tailgating Menus,

It is back to tailgating at Highmark Stadium as the Buffalo Bills take on the Washington Football Team this Sunday at 1pm.

This week's tailgating menu is Buffalo, Buffalo, and more Buffalo! All the foods listed are Buffalo-style for your culinary pleasure.
Whether you are meeting friends at the stadium or at an outside lot or doing your own little tailgating celebration in a stadium parking lot, these terrific tailgating recipes might give you new and exciting recipe ideas to bring along! No matter what size gathering, these terrific football inspired recipes are sure to be a crowd-pleasing hit!
If you are creating your own menu, what are you bringing? Is it a whole menu, nibbles, or a dish to share?

Go Bills!


get the recipe >>> Buffalo Deviled Eggs
If you are a fan of Buffalo Wings, you are going to love these tasty little bites!  I spruced up traditional deviled eggs with the classic flavors of our beloved Buffalo wings.

get the recipe >>> Buffalo Garlic Knots
These Buffalo Garlic Knots are stuffed with a hint of blue cheese, and brushed with a garlic Buffalo sauce.

get the recipe >>> Buffalo Popcorn
Buffalo Popcorn, sweet with a little heat, this buffalo popcorn will become your favorite treat. Perfectly crunchy and extra delicious, this snack will be great for your next tailgate party!


get the recipe >>> Buffalo Ribs in an Instant Pot
These Buffalo Instant Pot Ribs are so tender, succulent, and they fall-off-the-bone! They are delicious, and so easy to make and are so fast to make compared to the old way to make ribs!


get the recipe >>> Buffalo Chicken Fries
Easy Cheese fries are getting a major upgrade! Buffalo chicken fries combines crunchy fries with flavorful shredded Buffalo chicken and tops it off with lots of melted cheddar cheese and creamy blue cheese.

get the recipe >>> Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese
This creamy Buffalo chicken mac and cheese recipe takes classic stove top macaroni and cheese, adds chunks of cooked chicken, and gives it a spicy kick with the addition of Buffalo-style sauce and seasonings.


get the recipe >>> Buffalo Shrimp
Fried until golden brown, tossed in Buffalo sauce then served with blue cheese dressing, these Buffalo shrimp are the ultimate appetizer for game-day.


Because we are in Buffalo, a wings recipe:  Baked Buffalo Wings
Whatever your game day ritual is, these Baked Buffalo Wings are a great recipe to cook up for your fans. They taste identical to the classic Buffalo Wing but they're baked instead of fried.

get the recipe >>>  Buffalo Chicken Sliders
These Buffalo Chicken Sliders will steal the show on game day this year! You won’t believe how delicious they are and did I mention they’re super easy to make?


get the recipe >>> Buffalo Chicken Pizza
This Buffalo chicken pizza recipe is a quick and easy pizza. Satisfy your craving for wings and pizza at the same time.

What is your favorite tailgating recipe?
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Written by Ann

Everyone has the club in their golf bag. You know the one I'm talking about (for me, it's the 7 wood). You are hooking and slicing shots all day and can't quite figure out what's wrong. Then you pull out that one club, crush it down the middle, and all of your clubs magically start to work again. For the Bills and McD, that club is the Miami Dolphins. After a 35-0 beating, one would think that all is right with the world, but confidence still isn't where it was before the season, and the offense is the reason why.
1 - AJ Epenesa - The more I write these, the more you'll hear me say, "I'm wrong a lot." I'm not willing to declare him a stud just yet, but AJ played one hell of a game. I'm going to talk about the rest of the defense in a moment, but AJ deserved his own thought. I personally believe it's only a matter of time before the NFL makes a rule change because of how he is hitting the quarterback. We saw it in the preseason, and we saw it again today. After completely bull-rushing the left tackle, AJ launches his whole body off the ground and destroys the upper half of the quarterback. It's like watching a Madden animation. In a game where everyone on defense seemed to get theirs, that only shows just how good AJ had to play to stand out. With Groot also having a good game on the other side, it's hard not to be optimistic about the future of this defensive pass rush unit.
2 - Pass Rush - Seeing a coaching staff recognize flaws in their strategy, make adjustments the next game, and see success, is pretty much every fan's dream. The pass rush and pass protection (later) were prime examples of that this week. Not only did AJ and Groot get good pressure on their own, but Frazier also sent a 5th blitzer on quite a few plays and found success almost every time. And by success, I mean defenders running unabated to the quarterback. This led to the quick exit of Tua and a season-high in sacks and pressures. Groot got his first NFL sack and showed great containment speed. Brissett seemed to get hit on every drop back, forcing errant throws. If this is a sign of things to come for our pass rush, opposing teams are going to have to make changes quickly. Also, while I like Hughes and Addison, they are becoming more expendable as each game passes. 
3 - Pass Protection - After a terrible week one, the Bills increased their blocker projection by having seven pass protectors on the field, including Gilly. From this, Allen had more time, and we saw a much more effective rushing attack. We still ran our share of the spread offense and had some rushes stopped behind the line of scrimmage, but it was a noticeable improvement from the prior week. Allen wasn't running for his life, which creates other questions...
4 - Oh, dear Dad, can you see me now?
I am myself, like you somehow
I'll ride the wave where it takes me
I'll hold the pain, release me

© Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
5 - Thunder and Lightning - When we drafted Moss and Motor showed up to camp leaner than ever. This was the game many fans were hoping to see. Motor took one to the house from over 40 yards out. That play was beautiful for many reasons. Motor showed top-end speed that he's been lacking since being drafted, and the line made some amazing second-level blocks to free him. While it didn't happen again in this game, it was production we haven't seen in recent years and showed the lightning capacity. As for Moss, who did get benched for an early fumble, he came on strong towards the end of the game. Moss had two really strong power runs where he turned negative plays into positive gains. His touchdown was a perfect example of his power, as well as a later short-yardage gain for a first. Like what we saw from Groot and AJ, hopefully, this was a sign of great things to come, and our play-action was much more effective because of it. 
6 - Allen/Daboll - Not everything was roses and sunshine in the game, as Josh and the pass game wasn't the main reason behind our 35 points. At halftime, Allen only had 62 passing yards. Last season, I remember being able to count on one hand the number of uncatchable balls Josh threw. Like the Steelers game, Josh was still missing guys all over the field, even shockingly under-throwing them. He did have a great deep pass early to Sanders, but some would argue it was more of a rope than a soft pass needed for most deep throws. He missed Motor on a swing pass that could have been a solid gain, and his interception was behind Diggs. He also should have been picked off for a second time on a poor pass into coverage deep to McKenzie. Pass rush was not a concern, nor was players getting open. Josh simply was missing them. It's concerning two games in a row, but not enough to think he's regressing. We are also still seeing a game plan that utilizes throws to Sanders. For two games in, here is my concern: Are we changing up our scheme and receiver focus just enough to kill the rhythm we had last year. I feel like Sanders is being targeted more than Diggs and Beasley when that rapport is already established. I would love to see some All-22 reviews, but something is still clearly off. 
7 - Special Teams - The jinx was real in this game. Not only did the announcers comment on Bass' accuracy, but others (who will not be named) made a prediction about Bass breaking the consecutive FG record. Between the two, it was almost no question that he missed his long field goal attempt. Haack had another punt that almost got blocked, but McKenzie had a few solid returns. Taiwan showed why he earns his spot as a gunner, quickly getting to muffed punt right before halftime. 
8 - 4th down - If one thing led to this game being a shutout blowout, it would be the execution on 4th down. The Bills were great, and the Dolphins were far from it. The Dolphins easily could have put up 6 points with field goals as they made it deep into Bills territory a few times. Taron Johnson and Dane Jackson each made huge tackles in the open field to create a turnover on downs, and the Bills defense simply found ways to come up big in seemingly every situation. Beyond that, the Dolphins were sloppy with the ball and seemed rattled from the beginning. From the memes and media reaction, it appears we are starting to become their white whale.

© Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
9 - Defensive Backs - Like a flashback to 2020, Poyer was all over the field with decisive tackles to players trying to hide and swing out of the backfield. Tre was decent, but still not great. Levi Wallace made a great interception, and Taron Johnson seemed to be everywhere. I don't know why the Dolphins kept trying to pick on him, but he made them pay with batted balls and hard hits. While Miami isn't world beaters with their passing attack, our DB's did their jobs well and were a major reason in keeping the Dolphins off the scoreboard. 
10 - Milano - Unlike someone else who hasn't shown up after his big payday, Milano was an absolute monster on the field today. While Taron Johnson and AJ were contenders for the defensive MVP of the game, Milano gets it from me. While a beneficiary of the new Frazier "everyone gets a sack" program, Milano showed great speed, wrap-up ability and was all over the field. Milano makes the plays you keep hoping to see from Edmunds. He was in the backfield and covering the outside with speed and conviction. While AJ was great with pressure, Milano was great with everything he did, which is why he gets the nod.
1-1 with two very winnable games coming up. It's a great position to be in, and hopefully, the offense can find their rhythm during those games. If they do, and the defense continues to perform like this, the NFL will officially be on notice. 
Go Bills!!!
BillsFans - Virgil
Throw the Dolphins on the Pile
Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins Week 2 game preview
Buffalo Bills vs Steelers 9/12/2021- A Few Thoughts, in no particular order


Throw the Dolphins on the Pile

By Shaw66, in Bills Today,

The Bills put up 35 points and shut out the Dolphins in Miami on Sunday.  In the old days, a win like that would have been cause for a multi-day celebration.  Maybe it’s just me, but it isn’t the same any more.  I mean, it’s always fun to beat the Dolphins, but they’ve been nearly as irrelevant as the Bills for a long time. 
Plus, Sean McDermott has been teaching me to see the season the way he sees it:   We’re going to spend six weeks getting ready to play, and then we’re going to play for 18 weeks.   The object of playing those 18 weeks is build a team that’s good at everything in December and to pile up wins any way we can, so that we make the playoffs and ideally have the home field for some or all of them.  Each game is different, with different matchups with different talent and different skill sets.   If you win, throw it on the pile and move on.  If you lose, just move on.   In either case, you learn something about what you do well and what you do poorly, and you continue to work on both.
And so it is that I’m just not all that excited about the win over the Dolphins.  For that matter, I wasn’t very upset about the loss to the Steelers.  Just learn some lessons and go back to piling up wins.  That’s exactly what the Bills did after the Steelers game.  Along the way against the Dolphins they showed some flashes of what they could be, and they discovered some weaknesses.  And, oh, by the way, they shut out the Dolphins!!!
Sean McDermott has been teaching me to see the games the way he sees them, too:  Some things will go right, some won’t, you’ll score some, you’ll go cold some, and at the end of the game, you may be coasting, you may be whipped, or you’ll need to make plays to win.  No reason to get too excited early in the game, or get upset.  Do your best and see what you have coming down the stretch.
Coming down the stretch against the Dolphins, the Bills had a laugher.  The only thing that mattered was that the reserves would preserve the shutout, and they did.  Put the win on the pile and move on. 
Was it a blowout?  No, or at least it didn’t feel like one.  Why not?  Because the Bills looked, alternately, very good and then ineffective.  They fumbled, they threw interceptions, they went three and out.   They lit it up with big plays on their first two drives, and then there was nothing for a long stretch.  They had an opportunity to grab the game and make it theirs at the end of the first half, and they got nothing.  Then a beautiful touchdown drive after halftime made it 21-0, and the Bills coasted home. 
The ups and downs of the offense didn’t matter all that much, of course, because the Bills defense came to play, and they just weren’t going to allow the Dolphins to compete.  They sacked Tua and Brissett six times and pressured them on countless other plays.  The defense gave up a play here and there, but not often enough for the Dolphins to sustain any kind of offense.  Averages don’t mean much of anything after only two games, but check the stats: the Bills defense is second in the league in yards allowed, and second in points allowed.  Of course, they haven’t played anyone you’d call an offensive powerhouse.

© Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
The Bills got great pressure on the quarterback, rushing four and five defenders.  Which four and five?   Well, that’s the problem for the opponent to worry about.  Sometimes the safeties are featured.  Against the Dolphins, it was White and Taron Johnson.  There’s always a mix of linebackers who might be coming.  The Bills defensive ends often are back in in the short passing zones.
Who stood out on defense?   Easier to ask who didn’t?   Everyone’s name was called sooner or later.  Hughes and Oliver were relatively quiet, but they helped create the relentless pressure that came from the outside.  Lotulelei and Zimmer made plays in the middle, Addison was a constant disrupter.  Both Milano and Edmunds were active blitzing, chasing down ball carriers, defending passes.  Taron Johnson stood out.  Dane Jackson’s tackle on 4th and 2 was fabulous.
Rousseau and Epenesa deserve special mention.  Epenesa was relentless, showing surprising power to go with the shiftiness we saw some of last season.  He played like he was determined to make a difference in the game on every play.  It was an impressive show.  If it was a sign of things to come, well, it’s going to be fun, because the guy on the other side is going to be Rousseau.
Rousseau’s not overpowering people, at least not yet, but he has uncanny ability to pursue effectively.   He’s always on his feet, always moving.  In stunts, he just picks his way through bodies to find a seam.  When teams run away from him, he pursues cross-field, behind the line of scrimmage.  The result is that he’s always around the ball, and when he gets there, he gets his hands on the ball carrier or quarterback.  Over and over, he’s there.  He maintains his gap discipline, and he looks comfortable dropping into pass coverage.  He’s already a threat, and as he gets stronger and more experienced, he will be a force. 
The Bills’ offense, on the other hand, is not 2nd, or 5th, 10th in yards or points.  The Bills’ offense is still trying to figure it out. 
The offensive line is certainly trying to figure it out.  While the defensive line recovered from the Steelers by playing better (granted, in part because this week it was, well, the Dolphins), the offensive line seemed to survive this week only because it was, well, the Dolphins.  Manhandled by the Steelers, they stood up better this week, but no one would call them dominant.  Sunday night, the Chiefs showed us what great pass protection looks like, and the Ravens showed us great run blocking.   The Bills’ offensive line didn’t show either.  The Bills’ philosophy seems to be to tell the running backs and the quarterback something like, “The guys up front are going to do the best they can; it won’t be pretty, but you have make the most of it.  If you find a hole, take it, and good luck with those linebackers.  Josh, find the open man and get the ball out, because you’re going to be on the run soon.” 
What’s needed to make the offensive line better?   A stud somewhere along the line would be nice, but no one is looking very studlike.  Dawkins and Feliciano seemed to hold up better this week, but they aren’t dominating.  Ford looks like he’s winning the battle at right guard, and maybe now we will begin to see something special from him.  Williams isn’t killing the Bills, but that’s faint praise.  I’m expecting that we’ll see more of Spencer Brown as the season progresses, in part because his education as a pro will continue, and in part because the Bills will be looking for more solid play at tackle. 

© Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
Allen, of course, is the big, the big, the big what?   The big piece of the puzzle?  Absolutely.   He makes it all work.  The big mystery?   For sure.  Where did the 2020 Allen go?  What happened to all those lovely touch passes, right on the money?   He missed Sanders deep again.   He missed Diggs badly a couple of times.  Last season he was getting settled the instant before he threw and delivering balls to open receivers; now, everything seems to be happening in a hurry.  And his decision making seems shaky, too. 
What we’re seeing is the 2019 Allen, the Allen with potential, the Allen who makes special throws, like the touchdown to Knox, and then makes a head-scratcher. 
Mahomes, Murray, and Jackson have something Allen doesn’t have – the incredibly quick release from almost any arm position.  It’s amazing to watch them.  Allen can’t do all of that, but he can do things they can’t.  He can outmuscle defenders and use his arm strength to make throws that are truly special, like the touchdown to Diggs.  The others maybe make that throw, in part because Diggs was wide open, but Allen’s really special on a play like that. 
So, for Allen, it’s definitely “throw that win on the pile and get back to work.”  
With McDermott’s approach to the season, this is not the time the Bills are going to be dominant.  The Bills build to dominance through the season, trying to be good at everything, every week.  Under McDermott, the Bills know they will look ugly a few times in the first half of the season, but they hope to be the team no one wants to play in the second half.  By contrast, a team like the Ravens tries to be fantastic at one thing – running the ball, and hopes they can put together enough of a passing game to be multi-dimensional late in the season.  That’s why the Ravens tend to look good earlier than the Bills.
The Bills’ objective these days is to find a way to toss a win on the pile each week while they figure it all out.   It’s a little frustrating for fans to live through each week, but it’s the Bills’ style.  We’ve seen it before.  What’s encouraging is that this season, there’s so much talent, and McDermott is so good at what he does, that I expect to see a big pile of wins come December. 
Bilsfans.com - Shaw66
Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins Week 2 game preview
Buffalo Bills vs Steelers 9/12/2021- A Few Thoughts, in no particular order
Bills Allow 17 Fourth-Quarter Points, Lose Season Opener 23-16

© Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
Let’s forget about last week, shall we? The Buffalo Bills didn’t get off to the start everyone wanted, but with an extra game to play this season, beginning with a loss isn’t as bad as it used to be. No matter what, a playoff team from 2020 was going home 0-1.
Moving on to Week 2, the Bills get to face an AFC East division foe in the 1-0 Miami Dolphins. Last season, the Dolphins offense was average, ranking 15th in points scored. Their defense helped them get to ten wins by holding opponents to 21.1 points per game, ranking sixth in the league.
Another year of growth from the 23-year old Tua Tagovailoa could lead to bigger, more explosive plays for the Dolphins, especially when the lightning-quick Jaylen Waddle gets involved. If the same suffocating Buffalo defense shows up in Miami, Tua may have a tough time Rumbling with the Herd.
Buffalo Bills Week 2 game details, where to watch
Sunday, September 19, 2021 Start time: 1:00 PM ET TV channel - FOX Location - Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL
© Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
What happened last time the Bills played the Dolphins?
Bills - 56
Dolphins - 26
Yes, that is an actual NFL score. In Week 17 of the 2020 football season, the Miami Dolphins traveled to Orchard Park to take on the Bills. It went great. Josh Allen was even able to catch a breather and see what football looked like from the perspective of the bench.
What’s most interesting about the final game of the regular season was that the Dolphins came into the matchup still fighting for a playoff spot. 
By the time the second quarter began, the score was 0-3, Miami. After the second quarter? 28-6, Buffalo. Josh Allen took a seat, and Matt Barkley proceeded to double the scoring affair of the first half to help the Bills finish with a whopping 56 points, sending Miami home, ticked off missing the playoffs.
You can bet the Dolphins have had this first Bills matchup circled on their calendars ever since the NFL schedules came out on May 12. On top of being an AFC East divisional foe, the Dolphins are angry about this one. 
Imagine feeling hopeful, having a chance to clinch the playoffs for the first time (for many of their players and coaches), only to be thoroughly embarrassed, caught with your pants down in the end? That’s the Miami Dolphins coming into this game. A chip on their shoulder doesn’t do it justice. It’s much bigger than that. 
On another note, in 2020, the Dolphins played this game in Buffalo. This week, it’s played in Miami, in front of thousands of crazed Phinatics hoping to help cheer their team to victory. In other words, this win will not come easily for the Herd.

© Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports
Matchups to watch
Bills WRs vs. Dolphins secondary Just as the Steelers did, the Dolphins have some playmakers in their secondary. Led by two Pro Bowl cornerbacks Byron Jones and Xavien Howard, the Dolphins won’t make things easy on Josh Allen. He’ll have to be at his best to avoid throwing one to Howard, who led the NFL in interceptions both in 2017 and 2020. 
No worries. Stefon Diggs is a nightmare for any secondary, and Allen won’t have T.J. Watt constantly breathing down his neck, giving Buffalo receivers more time to set up their routes. While the Dolphins have some top talent in the back end, they also have weaknesses that can be exploited, and the Bills have several weapons to deploy.
Bills D-line vs. Dolphins O-line Last week, the Bills made life miserable for Ben Roethlisberger and Najee Harris by overpowering a broken offensive line. Miami’s O-line isn’t any better. The Dolphins’ front five is mainly composed of young players with high upside.
2020 Pro Football Focus Dolphins OL grades
(Projected starting lineup in Week 2)
LT Austin Jackson - 52.3
LG Solomon Kindley - 51.3 or Liam Eichenberg (rookie) - 57.6 (2021 Week 1 grade playing LT)
C Michael Dieter - 54.2 (2021)
RG Robert Hunt - 65.8
RT Jesse Davis - 62.6
Austin Jackson missed the first week due to COVID protocols, but Dolphins’ coach Brian Flores reminded everyone, Jackson is their left tackle. We’ll see who plays left guard in Week 2. 
As you can see, the Dolphins don’t have a great offensive lineman at any position. If the Bills can get after Tagovailoa early enough, they could rattle the young QB. Consider this quote from Tua’s Week 1 opponent, J.C Jackson.
The stats appear to back it up. According to ESPN, Tua was 0-4 with an interception when making throws under pressure in Week 1. With the Dolphins lacking OL talent, this positional matchup seems to favor the Bills.
Bills DBs vs. Jaylen Waddle  Not all that different from the speed of Tyreek Hill, rookie wide receiver Jaylen Waddle possesses game-breaking ability. Few teams have a player that can run with Waddle step-by-step. The Bills will have to keep an eye or two on Waddle at all times to avoid letting up the big play.
Selected sixth overall out of Alabama, Waddle will get involved in a number of ways. Whether it’s on reverse runs or via the return game, the Dolphins will be sure to give their newest toy a chance. As mentioned above, if the Bills front seven can get to Tua, Waddle could largely be a non-factor. 
Buffalo Bills Week 2 game prediction
Last season’s record: Buffalo Bills 13-3, reached AFC Conference Championship Miami Dolphins 10-6, 2nd place in AFC East  
Sportsbooks currently have the Bills favored to win by three points. The Bills were 6.5-point favorites a week ago. Basically, “Vegas” thinks the Bills have less chance to beat the Dolphins than they did to defeat Pittsburgh. But that may not necessarily be the case. 
Miami couldn’t run the ball at all last season at 3.9 yards per tote and didn’t do much to address the issue. Last week, holding Najee Harris to 2.8 yards per carry showed the Bills’ D is already in midseason form. Stopping the Dolphins’ ground game shouldn’t be a problem.
The Dolphins are feeling good coming off a win, and the Bills need to avoid an 0-2 start. Playing an away game against a division rival coming off a loss, it would be natural for Allen to press a bit more. One of the biggest keys to the game could be winning the turnover battle.
With that said, Allen has the experience, and Tagovailoa, with just ten career starts, does not. There’s an early recipe for success. If the Bills can get ahead early, quiet the crowd, and make Tagovailoa uncomfortable, they can have a strong performance.
Game prediction: 31-17 Bills victory
BillsFans.com - Andrew Buller-Russ 
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Buffalo Bills vs Steelers 9/12/2021- A Few Thoughts, in no particular order
Bills Allow 17 Fourth-Quarter Points, Lose Season Opener 23-16

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For months, fans, radio announcers, and players have all talked about the Bills home opener as being the place to be. Being at the game today, the fans did not disappoint. The lots filled up early, traffic was heavy, and the music was loud. In all my years attending games, that was easily the most electric of a tailgate experience as I can remember seeing. The weather held off, the Bills are Super Bowl favorites, and they were favored by almost a touchdown. All that was left was to take care of business...
1 - Stadium Experience - I've attended Bills games since the early '90s, attended multiple playoff games, and witnessed huge comebacks. I write that to give context when I saw that this was the loudest Bills game I've ever been to. I literally couldn't hear the announcers or the people talking beside me when it was at its loudest. There wasn't a single fan trying to find their seats at kick-off as the stadium was 100% full and rockin'. All of the pre-game hype and ticket prices for this game lived up to the billing. The rain never came, the wind was rarely a factor, but the food was terrible. I can only speak for the visitors' side on the lower deck, but the only food options were pizza and hot dogs. This is the first Bills game I've ever attended where I couldn't get an Italian sausage inside the stadium. 
2 - Defensive Line - Of everything going on in the game, I watched the defensive line rotation as closely as possible. The rotation of the defensive ends appeared to go by series. Groot was out there for the first two, rotated on the other side by Hughes and Addison. Groot and Addison seemed to be the most effective. Oliver played a hell of a game, disrupting the inside and getting pressure quite a few times. Addison showed good speed on the strip-sack, and Groot didn't hit home but got good pressure against a quick pass release and chased a few runs down from behind. Granted, against a weak offensive line, I expected a bit more production, but the loss of this game cannot be put on the core guys up front. Harris didn't get anything going on the ground, and Frazier started sending more guys in the second half. I'm still not a fan of having so many active linemen, especially when it means keeping Groot off the field. I can't say I noticed Obada on the field at all.
3 - Edmunds - As a player, I'm usually pretty hard on, I thought Edmunds had a great game. He was quick, decisive, and in the backfield on quite a few runs. His coverage over the middle was strong too. On the one somewhere deep pass down the middle, the TE slipped and appeared down, only to get up and then sneak down the seem for a catch. Overall, today was a good first step for those looking for a positive sign that Edmunds might turn it on this year.
4 - I take a walk outside, I'm surrounded by some kids at play
I can feel their laughter, so why do I sear
Mm, and twisted thoughts that spin 'round my head
I'm spinning, oh, I'm spinning, how quick the sun can drop away.

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5 - Allen - When you get paid the second most of NFL quarterbacks, the expectations go through the roof. Call it sugar high Allen or whatever you want, but Allen was not on his game today, and you could see it in his body language. The pressure was there from Watt and Gordon sometimes, but that was not an excuse for some of the missed throws and poor decisions. He missed Sanders on a wide-open deep ball but also made some questionable throws downfield to guys double/triple covered. While playing man in the first half, the Steelers relaxed into zone in the second. On a few drives, there were receivers being covered on one side of the field by a linebacker in zone, but Allen never looked their way for the easy first downs, as he seemed locked in on his guy. While not trying to take away from the Steelers' defense, the opportunity was there for Allen to deliver, and he just wasn't the player we saw most of last year.
6 - Wide Receivers - When I think of a stubborn coach, I always think of Mike Martz and his compulsion to prove what he could and couldn't do. I say that because I feel like Sanders is being force-fed down our throats as an offensive weapon. While he worked downfield on a few plays, he overall acted in the same role as Beasley. We had Diggs, Beasley, and Sanders out there in the red zone, and I couldn't figure it out. I only counted a few plays in the first half, where Davis was even out on the field. The fact that he was on the bench, Kumerow didn't see the field in the red zone, led me to believe that we ran a very stubborn game plan. The Steelers' secondary is one of their biggest weaknesses, and we never really pushed the ball downfield. It was either a deep shot or something underneath. The deeper crossing routes were nowhere to be seen, and the usage of our 2020 TD receiving leader was abysmal. 
7 - Refs - Each official has a specific assignment on the field. The head ref watches the quarterback. The line judge watches the line of scrimmage. On deep plays, the deep side judge watches the receivers and plays downfield. On the pass interference call, please help me understand why the female ref threw the flag from 20 yards behind the play when there was another ref right next to the play and didn't throw a flag? In watching the replay on the big screen, I did not see pass interference, so I definitely don't know how she saw it from where she was standing. That was a game-changing play (so was the blocked punt), and McD was furious about it. Even after the Steelers scored a touchdown, McD was in her ear about it until the white hat came over. The officiating wasn't terrible overall, but it did feel like some of those holds were one-sided. I also argue the hold against Tre. While contact was made, it felt like hand fighting and didn't affect the play. Ben through a bad pass, and Tre broke on it. Another call that hurt us badly.
8 - Dawkins - For all the focus on Watt, and rightfully so, Dawkins got abused by Gordon on the other side. Two of his holds were survival holds, and he wasn't able to get any push as they tried to power run to his side. I don't know if he's not fully recovered and in shape from his bout from COVID, but that was not a good look for him, and we will need better protection from him on Allen's blindside.

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9 - Special Teams - One play shouldn't define a unit, but when it leads to a touchdown, it's hard not to give this unit a failing grade. McKenzie had a great opening kick-off that we squandered into a field goal, and Bass is just money. Haak booted his first punt into the end zone and settled down after that. On the blocked punt, however, our line just crumbled to the Steelers. I don't know what the miss was, but it seemed like we just got dominated, and the game was over from there. Be prepared for that highlight every time we punt for a few weeks.
10 - Coaching - Can someone please get a hold of 2020 McD and tell him we need him back as a coach because 2019 McD is going to get us in trouble. If you are going to be cautious, then at least be consistent with it. The decision to punt on our out 40 in the first half but then go for it in the second half from further out made zero sense to me. Allen even tried to keep the offense on the field and was overturned. The trick play on 4th, and one was a travesty and should never be ran again. Overall, this team was not ready for this game, and McD was out-coached by Tomlin. Daboll had some terrible play calls and didn't seem to know how to use his guys out there. He was getting great runs out of Motor from the shotgun and then proceeded to try again later in power formations. Yes, Allen didn't execute well, and that blocked punt was a killer, but I put this loss on our McD and Daboll as much as anyone else. It was embarrassing, and the fans deserved better. 

One week down, and it's not what everyone wanted to see, but it is only one week. If Allen needs to have a bounceback game, what better team to face than the Dolphins next. It's frustrating to kill the hype train at our first regular-season home game in over 18 months and when the fans showed up like they did, but it's a long 17 game season, and there were many positive takeaways from that today. I look forward to a new week and a strong season for this team. We will find our rhythm and get this party started, it's just going to be a little later than we thought.
Go Bills!
BillsFans - Virgil
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BillsFans Staff Writer
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Well, that didn’t go exactly as planned.
The reigning AFC East champion Buffalo Bills, coming off the franchise’s best season since the 1990s, opened the 2021 NFL season with a most unexpected loss. Buffalo hosted a Pittsburgh Steelers team that was supposed to struggle on offense with four new offensive line starters and a rookie running back. Head coach, Mike Tomlin’s team, did struggle, but they also overcame.
Down 10-0 heading into the second half, Steelers veteran QB Ben Roethlisberger would lead two long scoring drives. Both would result in field goals, but Pittsburgh was able to keep the game close, 10-6, as the game went to the fourth quarter.
It was the fourth quarter where the Steelers would overcome. They would overcome a running game that produced just 75 yards. They would overcome a performance by Roethlisberger that was far from even “good.” The Pittsburgh quarterback’s rating for the day? A relatively poor 29.0.

© Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports
The fourth quarter would end with another huge play from the Steelers defense. Facing a fourth-and-one at the Pittsburgh 41, Cameron Sutton tackled Matt Breida for a seven-yard loss. That prompted the Pittsburgh offense to put together a four-play, 52-yard scoring drive capped by a great catch by WR Diontae Johnson. Roethlisberger hit Johnson in the left corner of the end zone to give Pittsburgh its first lead of the game at 13-10.
Then, the Steelers delivered a brutal body blow. Buffalo got backed up in its own territory on the ensuing kickoff. Three plays netted minus-2 yards for the Bills and forced Buffalo to punt. Punting from their own 23, Pittsburgh’s Miles Killebrew broke through and blocked Matt Haack’s punt. Ulysses Gilbert recovered the ball and ran it into the end zone for the touchdown. Pittsburgh went ahead 20-10 with 9:45 to play.
The Bills actually appeared to be in control of the game from the start. Buffalo and QB Josh Allen took the opening kickoff and turned it into three points. Isaiah McKenzie returned the opening kickoff 75 yards to the Pittsburgh 24-yard line. What happened next should have been a sign of what was to come.
The Pittsburgh defense, one of the best in the NFL in 2020, proved that it will be one of the best in the league again in 2021. Buffalo’s first drive of the game produced five yards before Tyler Bass kicked a 37-yard field goal to open the game’s scoring.

© Jamie Germano via Imagn Content Services, LLC
Buffalo would not score again until their final drive of the first half. Pittsburgh had six first-half drives – five if you disregard the one-play, one-yard drive that ended the half – that produced five punts and no points. The Bills would score on a three-yard pass from Allen to WR Gabriel Davis with just 22 seconds remaining in the half. The score gave Buffalo a 10-0 lead.
After the blocked punt touchdown for Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Allen would put together two scoring drives. One covered 67 yards in nine plays. The other was a 10-play, 40-yard drive that, like the first, resulted in a field goal. The pair of scores cut Pittsburgh’s lead to 23-16, but with under a minute to play after the second field goal, it was just too little, too late for the Bills.
Allen would finish the game 30-of-51 for 270 yards and one touchdown. He was sacked three times by the Pittsburgh defense, twice by T.J. Watt, who had just become the NFL’s highest-paid defender last week. The Bills were also able to run the football gaining 117 yards on 25 carries. Devin Singletary led Buffalo with 72 yards on 11 carries. The Bills averaged 4.7 yards per carry.
Pittsburgh struggled to run the football, gaining just 75 yards total and averaging 3.6 yards per carry. The Steelers are trying to get used to a new offense, and it showed. Roethlisberger was out of sync and the running game, led by rookie Najee Harris, was far from perfect.
Pittsburgh’s defense came up big with play after play. The Steelers stuffed the Bills on three fourth-down attempts. Buffalo also suffered the game’s only turnover, a fumble by QB Josh Allen. The fumble was caused by Watt, the 18th caused fumbled of his NFL career.
The Bills were the early favorite to win the AFC East again in 2021. Pittsburgh was not among the favorites to win the AFC Central. The Steelers will have their home opener next Sunday as they host the Las Vegas Raiders. The Bills will travel to Miami in Week 2.
BillsFans.com - Editorial Staff
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Buffalo Bills vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Week 1 game preview

© Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
The first test of the year for the Buffalo Bills comes against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Both teams enter the season with high expectations. However, the two franchises are headed in very different directions. 
The Steelers are holding onto dear life with their aging quarterback Ben Roethlisberger hoping to coax another postseason run out of his 39-year old arm. Whereas in Buffalo, at 25 years old, Josh Allen has yet to reach his peak and is still after his first Super Bowl ring. Big Ben had two by the time he was 27. Allen can still get there. A three-time MVP sees Allen as a winner. 
Buffalo Bills Week 1 game details, where to watch
Sunday, September 12, 2021 Start time: 1:00 PM ET TV channel - CBS Location - Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park, NY What happened last time the Bills played the Steelers?

© Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
Last season in Week 14 on Sunday Night Football, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster thought it was a good idea to dance at midfield on the Bills logo. Some players noticed and didn’t take too kindly to Smith-Schuster’s actions. But the Bills got the last laugh by winning the game.
JuJu Smith-Schuster stats: 6 catches for 55 yards and a TD Pittsburgh Steelers points: 15 Buffalo Bills points: 26  
With the win, the Bills rolled to 10-3, and the Steelers moved to 11-2, losing their first away game of the year. Pittsburgh has since changed offensive coordinators but has largely remained the same team as a year ago.
Matchups to watch
Josh Allen vs. Steelers secondary  
Led by Joe Haden and Minkah Fitzpatrick, the Steelers have a decent but not great secondary. Trading for Ahkello Witherspoon should make them a bit better. Since acquiring Fitzpatrick in 2019, no defense has allowed fewer completions on passes 20+ yards downfield. The Steelers also have Terrell Edmunds, the brother of Bills’ linebacker Tremaine Edmunds starting at strong safety.
The Steelers may have a solid secondary, but Josh Allen and the Bills’ receivers are better. Pittsburgh doesn’t have anyone who can run with Stefon Diggs, not that anyone can cover him 1-on-1 anyway. Even if Fitzpatrick keeps a close watch on Diggs, other receivers will get open. The Bills have too many weapons to contain.
Bills OL vs. Steelers front seven  
One group that could lose their position battle is the Buffalo offensive line against the Steelers’ defensive line in the trenches. No, this isn’t the Steel Curtain, but the current front seven is among the league’s best.
Individually, Cameron Heyward, T.J. Watt, and Melvin Ingram can all wreak havoc. With three game-wreckers to deal with, the Bills won’t be able to double-team any of them consistently. This game will be an excellent test for how well the Bills’ OL can hold up against the elite pass-rushes in the NFL.
Bills DL vs. Steelers’ right tackle  
While the Bills could have their issues up front, the Steelers’ offensive line is in shambles. The Steelers have replaced all but one of their starting offensive linemen from last season. Meaning they could take some time to jell. Most don’t expect the Steelers OL group to be very good after losing three Pro Bowl players.

© Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports
The Bills should be able to feast upon the misfortunes of the Steelers O-line. Maybe we’ll even get to see Gregory Rousseau and Boogie Basham have some early success. 
Bills LBs vs. Najee Harris  
Rookies are always a mystery until they get on the field. But it appears Steelers rookie running back Najee Harris is the real deal. One of the biggest downfalls of the Pittsburgh offense a year ago was not having an efficient ground game. Despite a weaker offensive line, Harris should be able to bring smashmouth football back to Steel City.
Buffalo hopes to get better play out of their linebackers and their defensive line this season. Not giving any ground up to Harris could throw the Steelers off their game. They know the Bills have one of the better secondaries in the NFL, so the game plan could run through Harris. We’ll see if the rookie’s ready for the Bills Rumbling Herd.
Buffalo Bills Week 1 game prediction
Last season’s record: Buffalo Bills 13-3, reached AFC Conference Championship game Pittsburgh Steelers 12-4, reached Wild Card game  
As it is for each team around the league, Week 1 is a big game. When Super Bowl aspirations are in the back of everyone’s mind, nobody wants to start their season 0-1. However, one of these two playoff teams from a year ago will ultimately begin their year with a loss. 
The Steelers have a lot of question marks. Is their offensive line capable of protecting 39-year-old Ben Roethlisberger? Can the OL create holes for Najee Harris and the running game? Is Big Ben still an above-average QB capable of leading a team to the playoffs on the back of a strong defense?
Josh Allen and the Bills need to prove that last year was no anomaly, and it was a sign of things to come. Retaining a lot of the roster from a year ago, the Bills should theoretically run it back with more success. 
Another year in the system should make the Bills even better offensively, and the defense has a lot of young pieces capable of taking the next step in their development. Strong on both sides of the ball, the Bills can win a hard-fought battle at home. By taking advantage of the Steelers’ weaknesses on their offensive line and having an explosive offense few can slow down, look for the Bills to win.
Game prediction: 27-16 Bills victory
BillsFans.com - Andrew Buller-Russ 
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Credit © Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sport
Thanks for coming back to read the Buffalo Bills 2021-22 season preview part two. Here’s part one, if you missed it. The Bills have an exciting season ahead. Let’s look at some of their opponents. 
Bills 2021 schedule features both Super Bowl teams from 2020
The two toughest games on paper for the Buffalo Bills also happen to be against the two Super Bowl teams from the 2020 season. In Week 5, the Bills Mafia will take their rumbling herd on the road to play the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. The Bills will be eager to enact their revenge in a rematch of the AFC Conference Championship game. NBC will broadcast this highly anticipated matchup on its Sunday Night Football telecast. 
Then, in Week 14, the Buffalo Bills travel to take on an old rival’s new crew in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tom Brady faced the Bills in 2019 when the Belichick Deflategates went 2-0 against the Bills. Now 44 years old, Brady may represent a different franchise in a new location, but he still has a Buffalo-sized target on his back. 
Buffalo Bills 2021 season predictions
Even with two elite opponents to face, the 17-game Buffalo Bills 2021 schedule isn’t that scary. Playing the AFC East division opponents twice apiece, the Bills should be favorites in all six divisional matchups. Including the usual suspects on the schedule, the Bills will play seven of their 17 games against teams who reached the playoffs in 2020.
However, playoff contenders change each year. On average, three teams from each conference make the postseason after missing the playoffs the year before. Meaning, if a team had a good season last year, it doesn’t necessarily ensure they can repeat.

DraftKings betting lines have the Buffalo Bills over/under at 11 wins, tied for third-most in the NFL. Let’s look at their schedule.
Week 1 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
Week 2 at Miami Dolphins
Week 3 vs. Washington Football Team
Week 4 vs. Houston Texans
Week 5 at Kansas City Chiefs - Sunday Night Football
Week 6 at Tennessee Titans - Monday Night Football
Week 7 Bye
Week 8 vs. Miami Dolphins
Week 9 at Jacksonville Jaguars
Week 10 at New York Jets
Week 11 vs. Indianapolis Colts
Week 12 at New Orleans Saints - Thursday Night Football - Thanksgiving Day
Week 13 vs. New England Patriots - Monday Night Football
Week 14 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Week 15 vs. Carolina Panthers
Week 16 at New England Patriots
Week 17 vs. Atlanta Falcons
Week 18 vs. New York Jets
As you can see, the Bills will play at least four primetime games under the lights in 2021. During the 2020 regular season, they went 3-2 in primetime games. But those two losses were played on a Monday starting at 5 PM, and believe it or not; a Tuesday night game happened in 2020. Strange times. 
This season, the Bills hope to avoid extra scheduling adventures. The first two primetime games could be the most challenging battles the team faces in the regular season. Going to Arrowhead Stadium in what should be a packed house once again is no easy task. But it will be a great test ahead of Buffalo’s Week 7 bye.
What will the 2021 Buffalo Bills’ record be?
There are always a few surprise teams that over and underperform on the schedule, but sometimes it’s fun to consider predictions. At the risk of sounding like a homer, being on the conservative side, the Bills could be looking at a 13-4 season. A win or two more or less isn’t out of the realm. 14-3 seems more evident from the strength of the schedule, but we’ll leave room for a surprise game, such as the Hail Murray Cardinals loss last season.
Many Bills Fans likely look at the schedule and see the Chiefs and Bucs as the only possible losses. But in the NFL, anything can happen, the Bills obviously could beat both teams, but maybe they run into issues elsewhere. We may not see how now, but a lot can change from now till January.
The Titans look pretty good. Derrick Henry and Julio Jones could be tough to stop. Nobody knows the potential of Tua Tagovailoa behind what should be a stout Dolphins defense, and divisional games are always more challenging in that it’s a familiar foe. The Washington Football Team also has one of the top defenses in football. Can their offense bring enough to the table?
From the Bills’ perspective, they have enough talent to beat any team in the NFL, and that should have every fan excited for the potential of getting to Super Bowl LVI. Not many teams in the league can say they have the offense to score 50+ points if they have to or the defense to limit a unique scoring attack to three points, but the Bills can because they have. Is this the season Bills Fans get to run with the herd on their way to a Super Bowl victory? 

Credit © Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
BillsFans.com - Andrew Buller-Russ 
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© Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
The Buffalo Bills enter the 2021-22 NFL season with their eyes focused on one objective: Reaching the Super Bowl. A year ago, if you had told this group of Bills Fans their team would finish just one game away from Super Bowl LV, people would call you a homer. But the truth is, last year’s team took a massive leap led by the sharp improvement from Josh Allen.
Fans witnessed a young, unproven quarterback blossom into a superstar in just a few months. They saw that the sky is the limit, as long as he can stay healthy and play with consistency. With the offense put together by general manager Brandon Beane, the Bills could hang with nearly any team. Except maybe the Chiefs. 
In the Super Bowl, we saw the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ pass-rush dismantle the busted-up offensive line in front of Patrick Mahomes. A blueprint to throw Mahomes off his game was born. How did the Bills respond? By going out and selecting two pass rushers packed with potential in the first two rounds of the NFL draft.
Buffalo Bills 2021 offseason additions help build depth.
After the NFL’s salary cap shrunk by nearly $16M, Bills GM Brandon Beane had a small amount of cap space to work with to improve the roster. Despite dealing with a shrinking cap, Beane managed to improve the team’s depth in several ways. 
For example, having the serviceable Mitchell Trubisky as a backup quarterback doesn’t doom the season should Josh Allen have to miss some time. Trubisky’s reputation has cratered since entering the league as the second overall pick in 2017. 
However, Trubisky does offer some intriguing upside as a quarterback with 50 NFL starts under his belt already at just 27 years old. The former Bears’ QB has plenty of room to grow and has already shown his motivation to improve. Either way, Trubisky’s a better backup option than Matt Barkley was. In a perfect world, Trubisky won’t see the field.
With success found from adding Stefon Diggs last offseason, the Bills doubled down and added another Pro Bowl receiver in Emmanuel Sanders. Now on the back nine of his career at age-34, Sanders is no longer the 1,000-yard receiver he once was. Though Sanders still racked up over 700 yards last season in New Orleans, starting in just five games. The addition of Sanders makes the loss of John Brown a wash. 
As fans know, the Bills running backs don’t precisely possess game-breaking quickness. Signing Matt Breida, the Cheetah brings a home-run hitter with 4.38 speed to Buffalo. Luckily, the Bills have two younger options with some untapped potential ahead of Breida, but he offers another weapon for offensive coordinator Brian Daboll to utilize.
The Bills front office also drafted three offensive linemen to continue adding depth. None of these players should be expected to start or see much playing time in 2021, but they could become starters in the future. Third-round rookie Spencer Brown, in particular, is one to keep an eye on. 

Perhaps the most overlooked offseason acquisition is defensive end Efe Obada. As a backup situational rusher for the Panthers last season, Obada tallied 5.5 sacks more than any Bills defender had in 2020. Pass rushers Gregory Rousseau and Carlos “Boogie” Basham may have been the team’s top two picks in the draft, but don’t forget about Obada either. 
Can the Bills meet their expectations?
Last season, the Bills went 13-3 on their way to reaching the AFC Conference Championship. In 2021, the aspirations are to go even further, hoping to get back to the Super Bowl for the first time since the 1993 season. Can they do it?
The Bills won’t have the advantage of sneaking up on any opponent this year. Everyone knows the explosive potential of this offense led by Josh Allen. They didn’t have a dominant running game last season, but with how potent their passing attack was, it didn’t matter so much. 
Getting after the quarterback will be crucial. Running the ball more effectively when everyone knows it’s coming is also essential in big moments. The Bills are fueled by experienced leaders who have yet to reach their prime. Nobody knows the full potential of this squad.
But can the 2021 Bills meet their fans’ high expectations? A lot will depend on the health of the Bills’ roster. If their impact players can avoid the inactive list, the Bills are set up for continued success. It depends on what your specific expectations are. Is the Super Bowl in sight? Absolutely. 
What qualifies as a successful season for the 2021 Buffalo Bills?
Super Bowl or bust? Not exactly. The Bills have a young core that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Should this season not go according to plan, they can regroup and improve any areas that didn’t hold up. 
Of course, the Super Bowl should always be the goal, especially when the team is as stacked as the Bills are. Yet, look around the league. 
Last season, the Chiefs didn’t have a healthy offensive line, which led to getting blown out in the Super Bowl. The Chiefs think they fixed their issues upfront. As much as Bills fans hate to hear it, Marsha can still play at a high level. But at least it’s not in New England anymore. 
Aside from those two powerhouses, the title is up for grabs. In the NFL, it’s Any Given Sunday, meaning no matter what the betting lines or experts believe, either team could walk off the field victorious.
Buffalo Bills roster is built to win

The 2020 Bills offense scored 31.3 points per game, ranking second among NFL teams. Josh Allen is a top-five NFL quarterback. Stefon Diggs is the best wide receiver in the NFL, and he’s paired with a trio of talented wideouts behind him, with Cole Beasley, Emmanuel Sanders, and Gabriel Davis all being starting-caliber players. 
Not only do all five offensive line starters return, but they also added more o-line depth through free agency and the draft. As long as Allen and Diggs are healthy, there’s no reason why Buffalo can’t run it back as another explosive offensive powerhouse.
Last season’s defense allowed 23.4 points per game, ranking 16th in the NFL. Perhaps their most significant weakness was not consistently sacking the quarterback, with their team leader having just five sacks. The Bills made adding more pass rushers a clear priority. Let’s see how quickly those picks can pay off. If the front seven can create more pressure to lessen the burden on the secondary, the defense has top-ten potential.
If they can stay healthy, why can’t the Bills win it all? 
Stay tuned  for Buffalo Bills 2021-22 season preview part two!
BillsFans.com - Andrew Buller-Russ 
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This week is opening Day in Buffalo at Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park, NY. 
Opening day is finally here! It has been a longtime coming - it doesn't just seem like years, it has been years.  After all the happened last year, it is easy to say that Bills Mafia is anxious and happy for the 2021 NFL season to begin.
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Written by Ann

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If ever there were a game to remind yourself, "it's only preseason," this was probably it. Call it the Trubisky revenge tour or whatever you want, but this was a preseason game that felt like anything but. To the contrast of our previous run happy game, Daboll came out firing, and the drastic difference between where the Bills and Bears are as programs was ever apparent. With that being said...
1 - Mitch - Trubisky had a really good game and showed well enough to give comfort to a lot of fans in case Allen should get hurt. However, as I watched him play, it made me appreciate just how great a talent Josh Allen is. Overall, Mitch played well. However, that's not to say there weren't opportunities in how he played. There were a few passes where the receiver had to adjust to the ball, which cost them a step and extra yards. Mitch got happy feet a few times and found ways to take unnecessary steps as he escaped the pocket. There was one play in particular where I wish Josh were on the field as I have zero doubt Allen would have delivered the throw on the run to a dot for the touchdown. Mitch did show off a strong arm and made quite a few passes in the flat to the sideline. Preseason or not, 200+ yards at the half is something to be proud of, especially in the team's stadium that didn't want you back.
2 - Motor - In another "it's only preseason" thought, it's hard for me not to think the starting running back job is Motor's to lose. While I understand that Moss is still hurt, Motor is making the most of every carry and is showing a burst to the outside that hasn't been seen since he got here. He's decisive, breaking arm tackles, and looks overall like a starting back. Also, kudos to Daboll for running many misdirection plays that delayed the linebackers just a step slow enough to give Motor a head start.
3 - Groot - Okay, I'm officially excited to see this kid play in the regular season. While I assume it's because he's now locked in as a starter, Rousseau played fewer snaps in this game than he did in the previous. Even so, Groot was an absolute monster pushing through the right tackle for the Bears and notched another sack. So far, technique has meant nothing to this kid because he's so powerful that he runs over people and can sack quarterbacks with just his hands. For my first painfully wrong prediction of the season, I see Groot getting ten sacks minimum this year.
4 - If you haven't seen the movie "Return to Paradise," I recommend looking it up. The movie stars Joaquin Phoenix, Vince Vaughn, and Anne Heche. I don't remember if it was an independent film, but it didn't get much attention. The plot, acting, and ending are top-notch and guaranteed to hit you in the feels, as well as telling your friends about it. It's older, so you may have trouble finding it. If you do, I strongly recommend it.
5 - Epenesa - This is where many of us are about to disagree. Epenesa logged a lot of snaps in both preseason games so far, and I believe it's because the coaches still want to see more from him. Yes, he had a monster of a sack where he bull-rushed over the 3rd string left tackle and delivered a monster hit. However, I do not see Epenesa getting the same push against the starters or back-ups. He gets very close to the quarterback almost every time, but he can't quite finish. If the coaches were sold on him, I don't believe he'd be out there as much and into the second half. The same goes for my opinion of Obada, who had a very quiet game.
6 - McKenzie - I only wanted to see one thing from McKenzie this preseason, and that was solid hands in the punt return game. Unfortunately, he muffed a punt this game, and now I'm just waiting to see how long it takes to cost us in a real game. As a receiver, he was the main target for Mitch and made the most of his catches. However, as we know, there aren't going to be a lot of snaps for him at receiver, and he needs to looks punts into his hands before taking off. 
7 - Haack - Speaking of Haack, he didn't get many opportunities in this game but did boot one off the side of his foot. His other punt was a beauty and pinned the Bears inside the 20, but I can already see the threads about bringing in some competition for him. Haack isn't going anywhere, and while I didn't like to see the miss, his track record in Miami indicates that's more of a fluke than anything else. 
8 - Defensive Playcalling - The Bills ran a lot of single safety with extra coverage in the box. The Linebackers did a great job of staying close enough to the line to reach the rushing attack but jumped back in coverage quickly. It was the most aggressive defense I've seen Frazier call in recent games, and I hope it's a sign of things to come. I'm not sure if this was because Hyde and Poyer sat out or if they wanted to see how the DB's handled man coverage, but it led to many three-and-outs. Additionally, we didn't play contain when Fields was out there, which gave him a few free scrambles, but I don't believe we cared, honestly.
9 - Press Coverage - The Bears played a lot of press coverage, and I was happy to see the Bills receivers not be phased by it. Each receiver got off the line fast, ran slants or shallow crosses that didn't allow the defenders to initiate hard contact with them. Our speed was on display as there were YAC yards multiple times. Again, it's nice to see the coordinators try new things and be effective. I personally believe this team is going to be that much more effective with halftime adjustments as we are becoming so much more versatile in our schemes.
10 - Hollister - This is hard for me to say, but I believe Hollister should be given the starting job at TE. Knox had both a drop and a missed block in his limited action, while Hollister continues to be effective blocking, catching, and with surprising speed. He looks like a receiver in the open field and a match-up nightmare for some linebackers and cornerbacks. I'm sure Knox will continue to get the start, and we haven't see what Josh's rapport is with him (should be strong since they played together before), but I think Knox is on a short leash this year.
Bonus Question - The Play - After the first Motor touchdown, someone on the Bills made a monster tackle on the Bears kick returner the next play. Any idea who that was? There weren't any replays from the homer Bears broadcast.

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As it's the preseason for the refs, camera crews, networks alongside the players, it's also the preseason for me in terms of getting myself back in that writing rhythm and mindset. Typically, I would write these late Sunday night or Monday at work, thinking I was meeting a solid 24-hour turnaround. These Friday games just mess me up heading into the weekend because I can never find the time. Also, I've been very in my head around what more I can do with these recaps. I want to change things up a bit, but I also don't want to lose the core of how they read. I'm still TBD (no pun intended) on that. With that, these thoughts aren't going to be just around players, but where the team seems to be a while in preparation for this upcoming season. Excuse the cobwebs and scattered nature; I'm just trying to warm up.
Also, I'm not wasting much time on players who have no shot of making this team. That goes for the horrific performance of the offensive line in the second half. It's just not worth my or your time.
1 - Preseason Context - Preseason games are not real games. I see so many fans who live and die by what they see in the preseason, and it's never made much sense to me. I'm not going to waste my time googling this, but I know there's a stat out there that shows how poorly 4-0 preseason teams perform in the regular season and, to the contrary, how well 0-4 teams will do. The preseason is about individual match-ups in the most basic of settings. There aren't any trick plays, stunts, disguises, audibles, pulls, or anything else. The preseason comes down to a very simple message to all players: Execute the fundamentals and beat the person in front of you. That's it. Case and point, if anyone thinks we are going to run as much as we did in the Lions game in the regular season, you are seriously crazy. So please, take these games for what they are, practice against other teams with fans and a clock.
2 - Rousseau - It's incredibly natural for most fans to see what our first-round pick can do during the preseason game, and my eyes were locked in on the lumberjack every play he was on the field. However, I believe there is a large amount of context to be found in what he was asked to do and the offense he was up against. The Lions gained most of their yardage on quick curl routes and 3rd downs. They struggled to move down the field with ease and got the ball off quickly. Rousseau (I need a nickname for this kid quickly) was matched up against arguable the 3rd best prospect, and best overall OT in the draft, in Penei Sewell. With no support, Rousseau was able to push Sewell back on multiple plays, one even resulting in an arm sack (which shows this kid's strength). While this is from just one quarter, it's easy to see the potential this kid has, and I'd give him an A+ for his very first on-field performance. (Side note: Honorable mention to Oliver, who was playing out of position, got double-teamed frequently, and still got some decent push up the middle)
3 - Running backs - We saw success early in the game with draw plays up the middle, and Motor had two nice plays where he showed burst and the strength to break some arm tackles. He also had a nice touchdown catch in the second quarter, which was overshadowed by the fact that he was out on the field in the first place. Outside of that, there wasn't much to be excited about from the run game. It didn't help that we made it obvious early that we had zero intention of passing the ball or any starters at pass catcher besides Knox and Gabe. I was not very impressed with Breida as he didn't show that outside speed we are looking to have. Antonio Williams, who many wanted to see move up the depth chart, had a very lackluster day, but it's hard to evaluate him behind the putrid offensive line that was blocking for him.
4 - This is typically where I post lyrics from a song by one band for the entire season. One year, I did movie quotes, but that was harder. I've used the Grateful Dead (Always for you, Bill), Dave Matthews, and Barenaked Ladies in the past. This year, I haven't decided what I'm going to do. If you read this and have ideas, let me know. I'll post this same message in all three game recaps and see if there's a consensus. 
5 - Bass - In full transparency, I've always enjoyed the jokes about kickers in the NFL. While I understand the mental pressure of having the game on the line, I still never put much thought into kickers. If they made the kick, they did their job. If they missed, cut 'em! Bass has slowly changed the way I pay attention to kickers. Early last season, you could clearly see the power of his leg as he would just boom the ball off his foot. But also, you could see the ball had a strange trajectory when he kicked it as if the ball had a mind of its own. There were definitely moments early one where many wondered if we kept the wrong kicker, and we saw him improve as the season went on until we got to the point where you expected him to hit everything. So far, through training camp and in this game, he truly is Bass-omatic. His swagger and confidence each time he walks onto the field is evident, and his kicks are going right down the middle with the same level of power. It's been interesting to watch his development, and I hope he keeps it going.
6 - Haack - Of all the offseason moves I didn't understand, not resigning Bojo is one of them. Beane made some cryptic comments that led me to believe Bojo wanted to get paid, but then he took a competition role with the Rams. While we didn't punt a lot last season, I figured Bojo was a no-brainer to be resigned and wouldn't cost a lot (which he didn't for the Rams). However, after just one game of watching Haack, I'm good. This guy has an absolute leg and is a pure assassin with it. I don't understand why the Dolphins let him go. He pinned two punts inside the 20 from the opposite side of the field and really had a good showing. This, like so many other things, is just proof of why I'm a fan and Beane is a Wizard.
7 - Refs - After a full weekend of preseason games, I'm officially on notice of the refs. There were WAY too many flags in this game, and the theme was leading with the helmet. Like holding, I can't deny that this happens a lot in every game, but many of these looked like calls that normally don't get flagged. I'm hoping this was an exhibition for the refs, and they are leaning towards guilty until proven innocent while they practice, but if not, we are going to be in for a long season. 
8 - Fromm - Typically, when I write these, I don't have the time to read other people's comments about the game. However, with my aforementioned delay, I see a lot of Fromm bashing going on. A lot of context needs to be considered here. He was a 3rd string quarterback last season who hardly gets any reps. There was no preseason last year, and practices were limited. This year, he's still a 3rd string QB (maybe), and this game was his very first live-action against another team. Take that, put him behind an abysmal offensive line and rookie receivers, and he still found a way to lead a game-winning drive. All I'm saying is, there's nothing to really evaluate him on from this game. I have wondered if Mitch would become a trade candidate if other QB's keep going down around the league, but I still don't know that Fromm is our number 2 quarterback. Webb looked very comfortable and made some good throws. (Side note: Allen and Webb are seen around each other a lot, and I think Allen helps him out more than anyone else)
9 - Boogie - From the time he was drafted, all the analysts say that Boogie was the most pro-ready of any of our draft picks. With that, I was very surprised to see him still on the field well into the second half. He was lining up more on the right side but also lined up at DT a few times. I can't say I saw a lot in him to give me optimism and he seemed held in check in one-on-one match-ups. There's not much to say here, but I did watch him and Epenesa a bunch and don't see any threat to Addison or Hughes. The playing time of Boogie, Epenesa, and Obada was definitely interesting.
10 - Progress - As we went through the drought, preseason was always a telling sign to me regarding where our team was regarding evaluations. It wasn't about the Bills so much as the other teams. Teams that knew their starting lineup and scheme would trot their starters out for a series, go 6-6, and score points on the first drive. It was truly a practice for them while we are trying to figure out who will be 7 of our 11 starters. In this game, it really felt like we were the other team. We didn't have the majority of our starters out there, and I feel comfortable saying our talent dominated theirs. It was nice to watch the Lions rotate guys in and evaluate, with job battles on the line, while we just showed up because we have to. This game was a prime example of why some teams don't want preseason games, and others need it. It's nice to be on the other side.
My grudge - I'm wrong a lot. Like, a lot. Guys I target in the draft typically perform opposite my expectations, and Beane is proven, Wizard. However, with the drafting of two DE's in this draft and Epenesa still not looking like someone ready to earn that starting spot, I'm still annoyed that we passed on Dobbins, who was taken one pick later by the Raven. When I look at this team and see Hughes, Addison, Rousseau, Boogie, and Obada and realize we would have Dobbins in this offense, I feel like Beane missed there. 


The Snow Bowl

By Foxx, in Bills History,

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The Snow Bowl
On December 10, 2017, the game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Buffalo Bills in Orchard Park at, what was then, New Era Field, affectionately became known as "The Snow Bowl."
The NFL played the contest in near-blinding blizzard conditions. Before the game even started, snow-covered the entire field and accumulated a depth of 6 inches before the end of the first quarter. The snow persisted throughout much of the game. As lightning flashed overhead during the third quarter, fans and players alike were treated to the rare phenomenon known as 'thunder snow'. This seldom seen meteorological event did not cause the game to stop, however.
The hardy Bills Mafia didn't seem too affected, as a crowd of 60,222 fans mostly filled the 71,870 capacity stadium. As for the players, many alluded to the fact that this game reminded them of games they played in the snow as kids.
The view from the Press Box in the first quarter:
The Bills opened the game with a ten-play drive that consumed 5:17 of the clock and saw them gain 29 yards. An incomplete pass to Kelvin Benjamin on 4th down gave the ball over to Indianapolis on downs at the Indy 38. The Colts then proceeded to rip off a 12 play drive consisting of 8 runs by Frank Gore and two rambles by Marlon Mack to get them down to the Bills 14-yard line. After the Bills' Preston Brown tackled Gore's 9th rushing attempt of the drive for a yard loss, Adam Vinatieri pushed a 33-yard attempt wide right to keep the game scoreless.
The two teams then traded possessions, culminating in three punts by the Colts, two punts, and another turnover on downs by the Bills before any points were put on the board. Much to the enjoyment of the snow-covered Mafia, the Bills proceeded to engineer a seven-play scoring drive in a 2-minute drill fashion. With :27 left in the second quarter, Nathan Peterman (subbing for an injured Tyrod Taylor) threw an eight-yard pass to Benjamin, who high pointed the ball over the Colts' Chris Melton along the right side of the endzone to take a 7 point lead into the locker room at the end of the first half. For Benjamin, whom the Bills acquired in a Halloween day trade with the Carolina Panthers, this was his first touchdown grab in a Bills uniform. Had KB played more as he did on this wintery wonderland day for the Bills than the rest of his stay with Buffalo, he might have been more of a treat than the trick he turned out to be.
After warming up in the bowels of New Era Field, the teams played a primarily uninspiring third quarter. With the snow still falling and 11:03 left on the clock in the fourth quarter, the Colts took possession at their own 23yd line. They put together a 19 play, 77-yard touchdown drive that took 9:53 off the clock. With 1:21 left on the game clock, from three yards out, Jacoby Brissett rolling out to his right on a read-option, lofts a ball over a retreating Micah Hyde to an uncovered Jack Doyle for the 6 point TD.
Chuck Pagano lined up his team to go for the two-point conversion, to take the lead, and potentially win the game. There appeared to be no consideration of merely tying the game at this point. After seeing how the Colts lined up, Sean McDermott called a time-out to reset his defense. The snap of the ball has the Colts run a play option. Brissett takes the ball, fakes a handoff to Mack, and floats the ball out to a wide-open Doyle in the left flat for a 2 point conversion and the lead.
Well after the successful 2-point attempt, a flag was thrown. There was a reason why Doyle was so wide open. Kamar Aiken threw a pick a couple of yards downfield to spring him. While the call was somewhat questionable, the interference penalty took the 2 points off the board and backed the Colts up to the 25. They only had one option at this point, which was to kick the extra point to tie the game.
With the amount of snow on the field, the kick heading into the open-end of the stadium, and the wind swirling, this was no sure thing. The Colts had to take their final time out to be sure they cleared enough of the piled snow away from the place where the ball was to be set for the attempt. Somehow, with the aid of the wind, the 43-yard attempt curled back into the uprights, and the extra point was good to tie the game at seven apiece.
With Joe Webb assuming QB duties because of Peterman being in concussion protocols, the Bills would try to get into field goal position to win the game in regulation. With 1:08 on the clock and one time out left, the Bills faced an uphill climb. Webb's first attempt to Benjamin along the right sideline, though caught, was ruled out of bounds. Webb's subsequent effort to Charles Clay, coming across the middle, was picked off by Matthias Farley and returned 9 yards to the Bills 28-yard line.
After a 3 yard Frank Gore run and a spike by Brissett to stop the clock, could Vinatieri do it again and win the game for the Colts? With Buffalo declining to use their last time out to try and ice Vinatieri, the Colts snapped the ball for a 43-yard attempt. The same wind that helped curl the previous extra-point attempt back into the uprights blew this FG attempt wide left.
Overtime ensues.
The Bills won the toss, and after both teams exchanged possessions, the Bills got the ball back with 2:25 remaining on the clock. They then ran off a 65-yard scoring march highlighted by LeSean McCoy's 21-yard scamper into the endzone to win the game for Buffalo.
With the blustery conditions being what they were, one might suspect that the total yards gained by the two teams would have been a more paltry number than the 546 total that day. Both turnovers committed were by the Bills. Fortunately, neither one cost them the game.
One player who didn't seem to have much trouble with the elements was LeSean McCoy. He gained 156 yards on the day, which put him over 1,000 yards on the season.
Though the game sure looked like everyone was having fun, you can bet they were glad when it was over.
In the resulting aftermath of this game, The NFL adopted a new 'clause' with regard to kicking during snow games of this nature. No longer are team personnel allowed to help 'clear snow' from the kicking area. This is to be limited to players on the field, only. It is to be a penalty to the offending team but the officials are encouraged to prohibit anyone from coming onto the field and helping with the task.
You can watch the entire Snow Bowl game here:
BillsFans.com - Foxx
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BillsFans Staff Writer

Who Invented American Football

By BillsFans Staff Writer, in NFL,

Who Invented American Football
Sunday afternoons in the fall are dominated by the sounds of families gathered around their televisions in the United States, participating in a ritual that has been around since just after World War II, when American football games began to be regularly broadcast on television. From late September until the Super Bowl in February, Americans gather with their families and friends to watch football in living rooms, sports bars, and stadiums. But who invented American football?
Growing up, I always heard that there was (American) Football and then there was Soccer. Somewhere in my young mind, I always imagined that some guy got tired of kicking a round ball around with friends and decided to try something different, and came up with the American game of football. However, growing up without cable television or the internet, I didn’t know anything about rugby or association football, and the version of soccer I played at recess really didn’t have much to do with the soccer that’s played in Europe (which is association football). But all of those things combined had a lot to do with the origins of the game of American football.
While the origins of American football can rightfully be traced to the nineteenth century, we have had competitive sports for many hundreds of years. Henry VIII owned a pair of leather boots used for some form of football. The Mesoamericans of South and Central America had ball courts as early as 1650 BCE, and possibly earlier. Sepak Takraw is a form of kick volleyball that originated in Malaysia in the mid-1400s. We also know that some Native Americans played some types of football games. It’s no surprise that Europeans were playing competitive ball games since the days of the Renaissance. 
Rugby football began in the mid-1800s in Rugby, Warwickshire, England. Rugby is a full-contact team sport, where the ball is carried with the hands, as well as kicked with the feet. Like American football, Rugby’s rules are complex. The ball may be kicked or thrown to other players, but may not be thrown forward. Players who are in front of the ball when it is kicked cannot receive the kick. Tackles are allowed in Rugby, but this does not stop the play as a tackle does in American football. Instead, all players involved in the tackle move away from the ball and new players move into contest possession. Association football is what the world outside of America refers to as football. We Americans call it soccer.
Like Rugby, the history of American football began in England in the mid to late 19th century. In Association football, only the goalkeeper may touch the ball with their hands, and only while within certain areas in the pitch, as the field is known. The rules are very structured, designed to keep the ball in forward-play on the pitch. The game we know as American football also began in the mid-nineteenth century. Gridiron football was first played in Ivy League colleges in the East; Harvard University, Princeton University, Yale University, and Rutgers University were some of the first schools to have intercollegiate games. At the time, many of the colleges had their own rules. There was no agreed-upon system of rules that each school's football team played by. As you can imagine, that made for chaos on the football field.
It was because of this chaos that what we know as American football was created. When you ask the question ‘Who invented American football?’ the man most credited is Walter Chauncey Camp. He’s often called “The Father of American Football.”
Walter Camp was a zealous athlete. He enjoyed running, tennis, and swimming, but football became his passion. He played while a Yale undergraduate, excelling in the position of halfback. He also served as team captain, which, in those days, meant he was also the team coach. It was during his time as a coach that he revolutionized the game.
With each school playing by their own rules, games were pandemonium. While each school would agree to follow one set of rules during the game, it meant the players had to be familiar with every set of rules. As you can imagine, that was not possible even under the best of circumstances. Under Camp’s leadership, colleges began playing under the same rules. A rules board, the Intercollegiate Football Association, was formed, and Walter Camp was very active in helping to devise the rules that all schools would play by. Camp would serve on the rules board until his death in 1925.
While a coach at Yale, Camp’s team of football players won 67 games and lost 2. He also coached at Stanford. While he coached, he was also working full time, raising a family, and serving as a member of the IFA rules board.
 Walter Camp developed many integral parts of the game we spend our Sundays watching. Prior to the development of the IFA, football was played with twenty-five players, and then the number of players was whittled down to fifteen men on the field (per side). Camp cut that down to today’s eleven players (on each side). Camp, concerned with the violence that became more endemic on the field, helped work toward the founding of the NCAA, which helped govern collegiate sports.
Camp introduced many innovations to the early version of modern football, including the forward passes (because Rugby only allowed lateral passes). He gave us the idea of “downs.” Today, players in possession of the ball are given four opportunities, called plays, to move the ball ten yards forward from the starting point, called the line of scrimmage. The defensive team may tackle any player in possession of the ball in order to stop the forward motion. Once the player hits the ground and the ball is whistled down, the play stops. After the fourth down, the opposing team gets to have their own attempt to score. Before Camp introduced downs to the game, games might go hours with no points being scored or even an exchange of possession!
As any modern football fan knows, the rules are ever-changing and evolving. Rules vary between high school games, NCAA games, Canadian football, and the National Football League. Even pick-up games at the local park may not follow the same rules from neighborhood to neighborhood. But we all have Walter Camp to thank for inventing, establishing universal rules, and a governing committee of the modern game we football fans love; America's most popular sport, football.


Well it is finally here, the NFL draft! And with it, the start of another pro football season. Many people go all out for draft day (through the weekend) and have a great menu set-up while watching with friends and family.
Whether you are watching alone, with family, or in a crowd, here are some terrific new recipes for you to nibble on while you enjoy the draft. I went with a Buffalo-centric theme. I hope you enjoy.
Here's to the start of a new football season!  
Go Bills! 

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The Best Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

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Healthy Buffalo Chicken Sliders
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Easy Sheet Pan Vegan Buffalo Chicken Nachos Recipe
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These baked Buffalo wings have the classic taste without any of the frying.

Easy Lime Chelada Recipe
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Football Character Cookies Recipe
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BillsFans Staff Writer

What teams make up the AFC East?

By BillsFans Staff Writer, in NFL,

What teams make up the AFC East? 
The AFC East Division is one of the four divisions that make up the American Football Conference. Born out of the old American Football League (AFL), the current AFC East is made up of four teams: 
1. Buffalo Bills
2. Miami Dolphins
3. New England P.triots
4. New York Jets
The division started as the old AFL East and included the Houston Oilers, who are now the Tennessee Titans. The Oilers won four division titles, all in the AFL era. Houston moved on to the AFC Central with the AFL-NFL merger in 1970. 
The AFC East has also included the Baltimore Colts, the franchise that is now in Indianapolis. The Colts were in the division for 32 seasons and won six division crowns. The Indianapolis Colts moved to the AFC South in 2002. 
There have been two franchises that have recorded perfect regular seasons in the Super Bowl era. Both teams – Miami and New England – hail from the AFC East. 
The division has been represented in 21 of 54 Super Bowls. AFC East teams have won ten Lombardi Trophies. 
Buffalo, which captured the 2020 AFC East Division title, has won 11 division titles in franchise history. The Buffalo Bills won four straight division titles from 1988 to 1991 and six of eight from 1988 to 1995. 
When the AFL and NFL merged in 1970, the AFL East became the AFC East, and Houston moved to the AFC Central. Baltimore replaced the Oilers because of the city’s relative geographic location. The Colts continued to play in the AFC East until 2002, even after the franchise moved to Indianapolis. 
The AFC East has a long history of traditional rivalries. All four teams share some things in common as well. None of the four AFC East teams currently play their home games within the central city of their metropolitan area.
The Buffalo Bills have played in Orchard Park, New York, since 1973. Before that, they played at War Memorial Stadium in the city of Buffalo. The Miami Dolphins have played in Miami Gardens, a suburb of Miami, Florida, since 1987. Before that, the Dolphins played at the Orange Bowl in Miami from 1966-1986 when they moved to Joe Robbie Stadium (currently named Hard Rock Stadium). The New England Patriots played in Boston until 1970 but now plays its home games in Foxborough, Massachusetts. The New York Jets have called East Rutherford, New Jersey home since 1984 after playing at the Polo Grounds in Manhattan (1960-1963) and Shea Stadium in Queens, New York (1964-1983). 
All four AFC East teams also have had a head coach from the Bill Parcells coaching tree. Parcells, of course, coached both the Patriots and Jets. Bill Belichick was an assistant for Parcells and is still the Patriots head coach. Tony Sparano spent time as the head coach in Miami, and the Jets had both Eric Mangini and Todd Bowles. Former Parcells assistant Rex Ryan coached Buffalo in 2015 and 2016. 
Current Head Coaches of the AFC East teams are Sean McDermott for the Buffalo Bills, Brian Flores for the Miami Dolphins, Bill Belichick for the New England Patriots, and Robert Saleh for the New York Jets.
Current General Managers for the AFC East teams are Brandon Beane for the Buffalo Bills, Chris Grier for the Miami Dolphins, Bill Belichick for the New England Patriots, and Joe Douglas for the New York Jets.
Current owners for the ACE East teams are Terry and Kim Pegula own the Buffalo Bills, Stephen Ross owns the Miami Dolphins, Robert Kraft owns the New England Patriots, and Robert “Woody” Johnson owns the New York Jets. 
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