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Memorial Day 2021


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As we remember those who served, and gave their lives for us in order to keep our country free.  🙏

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For friends and acquaintances who paid the full measure doing what we all loved doing with the best people I have ever known.


" Sen. S. I. Hayakawa (D.-Cal.) stated in the Congressional Record of 19 July 1978:
"What is it that makes a man want to do those things which LCdr. Bill Matthews and Lt. (jg) Patrick Kilcline and others like them choose as their life's work? They do not do it for the money, nor for the glamour, not for praise or vain glory, all of which are in short supply in the hard, practical world of naval aviation.

Certainly it is, in part, a love of flying, and pride in flying the finest aircraft which the skill of their countrymen and their Nation's technology can produce. Perhaps it is partly in the values of duty, service, and love of country first awakened by their family upbringing and education in the early days of their youth, although you could get few of them to admit it. In each man, too, is the individual sense of purpose, known only to himself, which completes the formula.

"There are all sorts of motivations which drive our complex society. One of the indispensable ones is that which seeks to preserve that society, its values, people, and institutions from the depredations of those who would undermine, conquer, or destroy them. The fulfillment of that essential task includes the need for men who are willing to take upon themselves personal hardship, danger, separation from their loved ones, and a myriad of other disciplines associated with their uniquely important craft. There is not and never will be in our free society a substitute for such men or the job which they must do. Someone must always have the watch, someone must always be the sentinel, and someone must climb into a cockpit and launch into the morning sky."


Taps men.

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Memorial Day & Veterans Day tradition for me is to watch an epic war movie, series, or binge a documentary


Today was We Were Soldiers.  I had almost forgotten what an excellent movie that was

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