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Zay Jones' interesting comments on finding love for football again


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Raiders Zay Jones Interaction Shows Hope in Uncertain Times - Sports  Illustrated Las Vegas Raiders News, Analysis and More




Whether it was on the field or off of it, things did not work out for Zay Jones in Buffalo.

The Bills made the wide receiver a second-round pick in 2017. Other selections that offseason by head coach Sean McDermott, such as cornerback Tre’Davious White and offensive lineman Dion Dawkins, were outstanding.

Jones, however, never got it together. Eventually he was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders and despite him… still never really putting together an excellent season one might expect from an early draft pick, he’s giving the Raiders some big love that’s curious considering his past in Buffalo.

Jones said that Las Vegas head coach Jon Gruden has essentially helped him like football again.

“It’s a lot of fun [being coached by Gruden],” Jones said via the Raiders’ website. “I’ve said this to many people I’ve talked to, Gruden has kind of reignited that fire and that love, for me, with football again. Football’s something that early on in my career, felt like a job a little bit. But Gruden has brought that passion that’s just like, ‘I enjoy playing this game again. I enjoy being out here.’”

Naturally the further one gets into Jones’ words, it’s easy to see where Buffalo comes into play. Evidently, Jones just did not enjoy his time with the Bills as much.

Jumping on Jones might be the simple play here from western New York, but there’s also no reason to do so.

More so, it sounds as if Jones just needed a change of scenery. While it hasn’t really produced much on-field successes with the Raiders after only 14 catches last season, you can’t help but admire a person for recognizing an improved state of mental health they’re in.

Jones was traded to the Raiders in October of 2019, mid-season. At the time, he said he was “shocked” by it. 

Just prior to Buffalo dealing Jones, McDermott commented that he believes Jones still had room to grow.

“He just has to continue to do his job,” McDermott said when asked about Jones’ lack of playing time. “We made some really good plays at the wide receiver position and Zay is a guy that continues to grow and I think he’s still young in his career.”

It appears there was, and likely is, no ill-will toward Jones from the team toward Jones. That mentioned change of scenery can be good for both sides and we can leave it at that.

Earlier this spring, the Raiders re-signed Jones to a one-year deal as his rookie contract had expired.




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I hope he does well (just not against Buffalo).

This clearly was not the place for him to grow and thrive. I know I was disappointed he wasn't the NFL WR that I'd hoped he would become based upon his college numbers. 

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Always hurts to draft a bust that high, but what can you do.  No reason to hate on the guy because he didn't have what it took to make the jump to the NFL.

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I'm not buying it as he didn't do so hot last year and we don't see any changes that will lead to a better season this year. Plus the younger WRs they have on the roster have a higher ceiling.

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11 hours ago, HOUSE said:

The guy would run naked through a hotel for his team


Really does go to show that the most important due diligence teams can do pre-draft is to correctly assess what's between a guy's ears.  Bills had a pretty bad run of mental weaklings at the WR position before the current group came to town.  



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1 hour ago, Nanker said:

Of course Gruden made it more fun for him. Hookers and blow are easy to come by in Vegas. 

Don’t be so shocked Ann. These athletes think with the head that they have between their legs. 

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