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Big News: Oklahoma and Texas trying to jump to SEC !


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Big 12 officials meet to discuss possible departures of Oklahoma and Texas to SEC




This could throw everything into a "tizzy" 





What the Oklahoma Sooners and Texas Longhorns Moving to ...

18 hours ago — What Oklahoma and Texas Moving to the SEC Could Potentially Look Like. The Sooners and Longhorns have reportedly reached out to the SEC about a .
23 hours ago — In case you somehow missed it, Texas and Oklahoma have both reached out to the SEC about joining. Here are possible winners and losers.





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In College Football, the SEC Gets Richer






The impetus behind Texas and Oklahoma wanting to join the SEC is — surprise! — money. Part of the SEC universe is its own television network, which curiously enough broadcasts sporting events in lieu of that icky education stuff. The SEC Network has a not unsubstantial upcoming agreement with ESPN involving what is reported to be some $300 million a year of Mickey & Minnie’s money pouring into the SEC school’s coffers. Can’t imagine why Texas and Oklahoma would want in on that meal ticket.


It gets better in the world of high rollers. Texas has its own television network (Longhorn Network) which presently has an agreement with ESPN. Talk is that the money ESPN still owes the Longhorn Network will quite nicely cover the amount Texas and Oklahoma would owe their present conference to skedaddle over to the SEC. For the record, the total amount ESPN and the Longhorn Network agreed on for a twenty-year deal equals one year of the SEC Network-ESPN alliance. Math is easy.


The Big 12, which, in a touch of irony, has an agreement with ESPN, is understandably crying foul and has sent the network a cease and desist letter accusing ESPN of trying to lure other teams from the Big 12 into seeking fortune elsewhere. ESPN has responded by labeling the accusations balderdash and folderol, adding that it has been far too busy deleting all online references to Maria Taylor for such scurrilous doings.

And there you have it. The SEC continues on its chosen course of being NFL Jr., only without salary cap or labor issues. Other conferences and schools can only grit their teeth and hope that, as national attention and increasingly insane amounts of cash get tossed about like confetti in the stadium student section, the locals will still turn out to support their team.


Which should be what college sports is about. But I’m not silly enough to pretend that’s the case



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