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Bills vs Dolphins Week 2: The Aftermath


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The Dolphins look like they do not have fun playing football.

Even though he had no real chance, Tua looks completely ineffective against the Bills. Totally confused all the time.


To use an aviation analogy, Edmunds and Rousseau are like air to air missiles, one with bad terminal guidance, Edmunds, and one with great terminal guidance, Roussseau.


You get in great position, fire, and one hits the target and one misses.

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1 hour ago, Foxx said:

Which two plays was Josh not on the field? What did Hyde do on offense for 2 plays?

Obviously they obviously super-secret-switched out Hyde for Allen without telling anyone about it. Obviously it was Hyde who obviously threw two balls into the dirt when he was obviously ersatz Josh. Obviously. 

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This is an interesting article. He performance grades Josh by quarter with the 2nd quarter being bad (duh), the 1st and 3rd very good, and the 4th at 100%. He also discusses Daboll's play calling.

Jim Kubiak: Don't analyze Josh Allen's stats, analyze the decisions he's making


With the prospect of starting the season 0-2, the Bills came out swinging and manhandled the Dolphins in a game full of turnovers and missed opportunities.

The difference from the opening loss to Pittsburgh was not necessarily what Bills quarterback Josh Allen did, but in what he did not do. Allen completed 17 of 33 attempts for 179 yards and two touchdowns and an interception, compiling a very respectable QB Performance Grade of 90.5%. He was sacked once. 

Allen played with patience, passion and veteran leadership. His poise was on display as he threw the football away five times, which went a long way to keeping drives alive and minimizing offensive miscues. When opportunities weren’t there, Allen played smart, checking himself rather than attempting to force a result. While the throwaways hurt him statistically as incompletions, this approach shows growth and maturity and provides a blueprint for his future success.

The mistake that fans shouldn’t make in the analysis of this particular game is to judge Allen’s numbers against last season. Teams are doing everything in their power to limit Allen’s big plays. Ultimately, his job is to use his skills to manage the team to victory. He used his rifle arm, surprising ability to run and his decision making to manufacture success, particularly by protecting the football.

Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll strategically adjusted, as well, with less razzle-dazzle and better run/pass balance. The Bills rushed 31 times for 147 yards and that kept Allen in better situations to attack the Dolphins’ approach that was geared toward stopping the pass.




Any 35-0 victory is a superb team accomplishment. The Bills smothered and demoralized the Dolphins in every way, and although Allen didn’t have an incredibly productive game statistically, he did play very well. This road win against a team that defeated the New England Patriots in Week 1 was critical for the Bills’ confidence. Allen played with authority; he was settled and measured; and he put the team in good situations instead of attempting to play hero ball. 

There will certainly be a need for scintillating plays down the line, but this game required Allen to play within himself. He responded with a gritty and solid performance despite producing less statistically.


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NFL Next Gen Stats Reveal how Bills' A.J. Epenesa was a Terror on Sunday

... it wasn't just Epenesa. The entire pass rush was a force on a day that the quarterback was sacked six times and hit five more.


Thus, the Bills' pass rushers were ranked as the No. 3 most underrated in the league for Week 2.


Here are the pertinent numbers besides those of Epenesa:


Defensive end Greg Rousseau: seven pressures, two sacks.


Linebacker Matt Milano: six pressures, one sack.


For Epenesa, the transformation from a two-gapping defensive end who played at 290 pounds at Iowa to a 260-pound pass rusher in the Bills' 4-3 now seems complete after a full offseason in their program. ...

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A pretty decent AP article.


In 2nd season, Epenesa making a big impact on Bills defense

...Opposing quarterbacks are quickly learning what Epenesa can do on the field, where the young pass rusher appears to be making up for lost time. The second-year pro has been a vital and integral part of the Bills’ resurgent pass rush, showcasing the skills that made him a second-round pick in 2020. ...


... He took a different approach this offseason. Epenesa worked on gaining muscle in order to get his explosion and fast-twitch movements back, settling in around 255 to 260 pounds. And there were no doubts about his dedication, as he made the unusual move to stay in Buffalo the entire offseason to take full advantage of the team’s facilities.

That turned out to be a pivotal decision in his young career.


“That was a personal choice that he made to be here, even though based on the calendar and the rules he didn’t have to be here,” McDermott said. “So I credit him for that. You see when a player invests that way in his career, that usually pays off. That’s a great message to the young players that continue to come in behind A.J. I’ve just seen a renewed commitment to the process and maybe a better understanding of what it takes to play at this level.”

Epenesa said it was the little things he picked up during that time which proved to be critical.


“Coming in and getting into that routine, getting in the weight room, getting in the training room, getting my body feeling right,” Epenesa said. “And then just even after working out and after the lifts, Harrison Phillips was up here, and Efe Obada. And we’re going through plays, we’re going through different footwork on the turf inside the weight room. It’s nothing crazy, nothing big, but it’s just dialing in on our fundamentals, dialing in on our technique. We’re only walking through it, so stuff like that also (makes) going through it at full speed that much easier because you’ve done it 1,000 times walking and it just makes everything else that much easier when you do it again.” ...


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