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Want to be in a commercial? Amazon looking for Bills Fans


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Members of Bills Mafia are known for their fanatical nature, with fans willing to fall through tables during pregame tailgates.

But what if Amazon paid you to take that leap?

The company wants to hear from you as they search for fans to feature in an upcoming commercial. An ad posted on Casting Buffalo's Facebook page says Amazon is seeking local "authentic" Bills fans who are non-union talent and are available to shoot a commercial on October 5 or October 6.

There's a stunt role, called "table jumper" which pays $1,100 for 12 hours. You must a man who is between 30 and 45 years old. This diehard Bills fan is expected to be "eccentric, goofy" and, of course, willing to jump through a table. Experience is encouraged for the role.

  • The rate for people in featured speaking roles is $550 for 12 hours. Those roles are described as:
  • Two boat fans. You must be 30 to 50 years old and able to be "calm, relaxed while enjoying the boat, can display a genuine reaction of disbelief or excitement when seeing a play on TV."
  • Face paint fan. You must be 50 to 70 years old, and are expected to be "enthusiastic, energetic, and genuine."

Superfan. You must be at least 18 years old, a diehard Bills fan, and willing to wear face paint.

  • Young football fan. You must be 10 to 22 years old and be able to portray someone no older than 16 years old. This is a "dream big" role.



From IG post:



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That includes a stunt role that will pay $1,200 for 11 hours for someone that is willing to jump through a table.


Eleven hours??  How many times is someone gonna need to jump through a table to earn that $1200?


I'm guessing that starts to hurt after the first dozen times or so if you don't have the full use of alcohol at your disposal.

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