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Official ‘Other Games’ Thread - Week - 10


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It's Thursday already? Where does the time go, the season is just flying by.


This weeks games kick off tonight with the Baltimore Ravens venturing into Hard Rock Stadium to take on the Miami Dolphins. 


The Dolphins are pretty much done this year. Their main goal at this point should be to evaluate Tua Tagovailoa and try to understand if he can be their franchise QB. That it is hard to do though when he is missing a good number of games due to injury. Tonight adds to that total of missed games where he will not start due to a fractured middle finger injury. He is however listed as back-up.


With all the draft capital the Dolphins have had in recent years (thank you Bill O'Brien) one might think that their talent level across the board would be playoff caliber, it is not. In six seasons as Miami's GM, Chris Grier has shown that he has not been the best evaluator of talent. To be fair though, Brian Flores shoulders some of that blame.


The Ravens, at 6-2 are currently the second seed in the AFC, behind the Titans. Baltimore has only played one division game to this point and in that game, they got crushed at home by the Bengals, 41-17. Starting with the last game of November (28th), five of their last seven games are against division opponents, with Green Bay and the LA Rams being the other two. How they fair against the tougher part of their schedule should five us a better handle on just how good these birds are.


For tonight, the Ravens are -8.5 and should win going away. Squish the Phish!


MozJPEG USATSI_17130718.jpg

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson (8), runs around the Dolphins defense during first half action

of their NFL game Sunday Sept 8, 2019, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens




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Crap Throwing Clavin
2 minutes ago, Foxx said:

Rooting interests this week include:




&#%$ that.  Ravens have other games they can lose.  

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2 minutes ago, KD in CA said:

If nothing else, this display of horrible QB skills makes me appreciate Josh even more.

Jackson stinks, he gets his stats in garbage time when other teams play prevent.

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