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Adele: Do you care?



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Adele has been all over every corporate media outlet for the last few weeks.  And has been atop the charts with a brief exception for the "Let's Go Brandon" song which has since been banned because, shuddup.


Am I alone in saying "meh" to Adele?

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Crap Throwing Clavin
3 hours ago, Keukasmallie said:

Could she play middle linebacker...?


McDermott would bench her for Nickelback.

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The fastest way to make me dislike something is to show me how the whole world loves it.


Still haven't seen "Titanic" for that very reason.


That said, a couple of years ago I was diagnosed with mouth cancer. I had a biopsy done on Friday, and was to meet with my ENT doc on Monday for the results. While I've since come to learn mouth cancer is one of the most treatable/beatable cancers, I was a bit shaken.


That Saturday, my then 15-year-old son (who was unaware of what was going on) and I went skiing. We wear BT headphones when we ski, and on one ride up the slope, the random Pandora music I was listening to played Adele's "Make You Feel My Love."


Never heard it before and had no idea who was singing it, but as I pondered my medical fate while sitting with my only child, suffice it to say I was glad to be wearing ski goggles because I was a wreck.


Two years later, and cancer free, it's still one of my favorite songs. Still a wreck when I hear it.



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She was popular for her voice (and I don't mind listening to her at all).

Now that she lost a lot of weight, she's acceptable to be put on TV.




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Too big a deal about Adele.  Sure he’s a good prospect but the Angels already have Trout and Ohtani and they still suck.  Adele won’t make a difference.

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