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6 hours ago, Meazza said:

As if there’s not enough subscription services out there sucking out $10 a month. 

I won't watch them for free. Heck I won't even pirate their stuff

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23 hours ago, Ann said:

Chris Wallace announces his resignation from ‘Fox News Sunday’ after hosting the program for 18 years.



Yesterday I turned on the TV at my parents' house to watch football. It was tuned to Fox News so I caught a snippet of Wallace for the first time since the election. In the dozen or so seconds before I changed the channel he had demonstrated clearly and unquestionably what a conniving left-wing shill he really is. Today I see he's leaving Fox News to let his thinly veiled activism shine. It's like watching Liberace come out of the closet.

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KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: Someone Should Tell the MSM That Trump Is No Longer President. 


“What’s really going on here is that the Democrats know that they can’t run on anything that President Pervwhisper is doing, so they have to keep running against Donald Trump.


It reeks of desperation, and I think that they’re about to find out that the anti-Trump tantrums have a shelf life that isn’t as long as they thought.”






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9 minutes ago, snafu said:


Uncanny how the tip of his nose always points directly at the camera.

...I wonder what he said.




The video didn't play?

i get the sense I am missing something here...

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