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How American Progressives became French Jacobins


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On 12/18/2021 at 9:14 PM, TakeYouToTasker 2.0 said:

This is a worthwhile read.

Agreed.  There was another article linked there about modern day robber barons that was also interesting.

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On 12/18/2021 at 9:14 PM, TakeYouToTasker 2.0 said:

This is a worthwhile read.


Here's a solutions based better read:


Centrist Red Dog Republicans - The Republican Party Guaranteed Failproof Firewall Against Liberal Democrats:  


February 14, 1995 - 27 years ago the Democrats created their conservative Blue Dog Coalition - an unintended political gift to the Republican Party.  When is the Republican Party going to exploit this unintended political gift by creating their centrist conservative Red Dog Coalition?  Why don't Republicans exploit/attract conservative Blue Dog Democrat voters?  When is the last time you heard anyone use the term "Blue Dog Democrat"?   Should the Republican Party be trusted without a conservative Red Dog Coalition?  



Politics 101:  Exploit the Democrat Party coalition division and you conquer (destroy) the Democrat Party.  Joe Manchin (D-WV) is by definition a conservative Blue Dog Democrat.  Republicans should call Joe Manchin a conservative Blue Dog Democrat to drive a permanent political wedge between him and the many Democrats like him and the liberal Democrats.  Democrat Party hero President John F. Kennedy had many conservative Blue Dog Democrat qualities.  Exploit him.
Creation of a 20 member House of Representatives conservative Red Dog Coalition to politically exploit the already existing (since 1996) 20 member House of Representatives conservative Democrat Blue Dog Coalition.  Liberal Democrats become politically marginalized and lose significant political power.
Traditional Republican voters + conservative Republican Red Dog voters + conservative Democrat Blue Dog voters = more than enough conservative voting nationwide.  Senate, House of Representatives and state races.  Anti second amendment liberal Democrats would have nothing.  
Political Proof:  Macro voter identification poll numbers prove all of this.  America is mostly a center-right country.  Liberal voters are not a big number.
Poker Hand Analogy:  With conservative Red Dogs, Republicans would have three aces.  Democrats only have a pair of twos.  Democrats fold and they lose - bad.
Political $65,000.00 Question:  What are RINO Republicans waiting for?  They should have immediately created a 20 member conservative Red Dog Coalition in 1995 right after the Democrats created their 20 member conservative Blue Dog Coalition - 27 years overdue.
Republican House Of Representatives Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy:
Why is HOR Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R) yielding so much political power to liberal Democrat Nancy Pelosi (D)?  Is it Republican Party addiction to huge and numerous campaign contributions that would stop with a Republican Red Dog Coalition?  There's not much difference between a Republican and a conservative Blue Dog Democrat - too few financial contributions for Republicans there.  There's political money to be made with artificial division.  Think about that!
How Kevin McCarthy Creates The 20 Member Conservative Republican Red Dog Coalition:
Estimate: Five (5) business days to complete.  Republican House of Representatives Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy polls his 213 members asking for volunteer membership.  McCarthy then selects 20 members from those who volunteered.  McCarthy copies the Democrat Blue Dog logo (below) and changes the blue color to red and the word "blue" to "red".  The 20 member conservative Republican Red Dog Coalition has been created.  Newly formed coalition members select a chairperson and a vice-chairperson. WARNING:  Don't let Lauren Boebert and/or Marjorie Taylor Greene anywhere near this.
Conservative Blue Dog Democrats believe in strong national defense and fiscal responsibility.  Conservative Red Dog Republicans will also believe in strong national defense and fiscal responsibility with one more: strong national (Mexico) border security.  Republicans then publicly promote conservative Red Dogs AND conservative Blue Dogs in the news.  The second amendment is now secure.  Liberal Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) as well as MSM go into shock convulsions knowing they've just been politically marginalized and are soon finished.  
The Death Of Mainstream Media:
FOX News, CNN and MSNBC would likely go off the air -they would have few distractions to spew with Republicans and conservative Democrats holding most elected offices.  They would lose their viewers.  Does the Republican party presently accept any kind of contributions from FOX, CNN and MSNBC to keep the artificially divided status quo?  Directly or indirectly?  I suspect they do.  The death of (or severely neutered) MSM would be a good thing for Republicans and gun owners, right?  Same thing with Twitter and Facebook.  Think about that!
Troubling Second Amendment News:
Election stealing Democrat Party member and anti-gun advocate Beto O'Rourke back in the news (below).  O'Rourke lost to Ted Cruz by only 3 points in 2018.  The second amendment is under attack approaching DEFCON 1.  Are you people paying attention or even awake?
Second Amendment Problem Identified:  
The Republican Party without a 20 member HOR conservative Red Dog Coalition exploiting the already existing 20 member HOR conservative Blue Dog Democrat Coalition cannot be trusted to protect the second amendment - or anything else.  If Republicans already had this, the likes of Beto O'Rourke wouldn't be in politics any longer.  
The NRA, USCCA, etc, should be pushing the Republican Party to create a 20 member HOR conservative Red Dog Coalition to exploit the conservative Democrat Blue Dog voters.  It would greatly benefit both the Republican Party and gun owners.
Two Gifts From Heaven For Republicans:
Gift One:  Political branding is everything and the conservative Blue Dog Democrats have already branded (logos below) themselves for Republicans to take political advantage of and exploit.  A gift from Heaven.  
Gift Two:  Macro political polls indicate there's enough conservative Blue Dog Democrat type voters that when combined with Republican voters gives American elected government a strong conservative identity.  Elected liberal Democrats become a small minority - like in the aforementioned macro political polls.  Another gift from Heaven above.
Two Problems For Republicans:
Problem 1:  
Q.  Are Republicans simply not aware of above two Heavenly gifts to take political advantage of them?  Since 1995 - when the Democrats created their conservative Blue Dog Coalition, no less.  Over 27 years!    
A.  It's likely that Republican Party is just focused on huge amounts of political donations from numerous donors so the simple and effective political tactic conservative Republican Red Dog Coalition never sees the light of day.  
QUESTION:  What have Republicans been doing in these 27 years to politically exploit conservative Blue Dog Democrat voters?  I talk with many Republicans and most have absolutely no idea what the conservative Democrat Blue Dog Coalition even is.  Gun owners, you need Red Dog Republicans to preserve the Second Amendment.
THE BOTTOM LINE:  Republicans receiving huge political contributions from many contributors can no longer be more important than the easy creation of a simple political tactic (20 member HOR conservative Red Dog Coalition) that would greatly benefit the Republican Party, especially as it relates to the security of the second amendment.  Think about that, gun owners.
Problem 2:  
National Democrat anti-second amendment figure Beto O'Rourke is running for Governor of Texas and the gun shootings political issue goes way beyond Texas.  Democrats obviously see an national political opportunity here.  O'Rourke's candidacy is possibly a Democrat advantage nationally for 2022 mid-terms.  Especially for the Democrat Party when it comes to "counting votes".
Two Guarantees For Republicans:
Guarantee 1:  If Republicans already had a 20 member HOR conservative Red Dog Coalition high gun crime cities like New York City, San Francisco and Chicago would be run by at least some conservative Blue Dog Democrats who take illegal guns off the street and put criminals in jail.  Goodbye, anti-guns Beto O'Rourke!  This is where Republican Party contributions greed over the simple and easy creation of conservative Red Dog Republicans really backfires. All the Democrat corrupt vote counting happens in cities.  Enough vote counting corruption to cost Republicans elections.  Still, the Republican Party doesn't seem to care - it seems to be all about numerous political contributions.  So, hello to anti-guns Beto O'Rourke!  
Guarantee 2:  If the Republican Party already had a 20 member HOR conservative Red Dog Coalition then the HOR Democrats ridiculous Build Back Better and voting bills never would have existed. 
Second Amendment Question:
Is the 20 member conservative Republican Red Dog Coalition idea starting to sound better?  It won't do everything but it will do more than enough to protect the second amendment.  Republicans need to take advantage of the conservative Blue Dog Democrat type voters.
Republican Party Next Steps:
It's time for you to have a serious talk with HOR Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.
Conservative Blue Dog Democrat official logo below:  Notice how the dog is looking to the conservative right.  This is very important.   Conservative Democrat voters need to see it -divide and conquer!  Copy the logo and change the blue color to red and the word BLUE to RED.  Copy everything else from the conservative Democrat Blue Dog Coalition program and change every word Blue to Red.  You're done.  Say goodbye to liberal Democrats...forever!
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19 hours ago, CollegeDaze said:





Hey, I’ve got an idea,

Why don’t you start a separate thread about this subject.


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1 hour ago, snafu said:


Hey, I’ve got an idea,

Why don’t you start a separate thread about this subject.


He might take you up on that offer.

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I’ve long thought and often stated that the progs want to relive the French Revolution, and conservatives revere the American revolution. 

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