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Baby It's Cold Outside Tailgating Menu


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We are back to tailgating at Highmark Stadium as the Buffalo Bills take on the Atlanta Falcons this Sunday at 1pm!

Whether you are meeting friends at the stadium or at an outside lot or doing your own little tailgating celebration in a stadium parking lot, these terrific chili recipes will really hit the spot on a cold winter day. No matter what size gathering, these terrific tailgating chili recipes are sure to be a crowd-pleasing hit!

If you are creating your own menu, what are you bringing? Is it a whole menu, nibbles, or a dish to share?


Go Bills!   :cheer2:









get the recipe >>>  Amazing Grilled Beer Brat Chili


This insanely good Beer Brat Chili combines two of our favorite dishes into a flavorful recipe. Use a disposable pan on the grill, and you have a great side dish for your next tailgate.









get the recipe >>> Brisket Chili


When making brisket chili, you’ll be using some of the leftover brisket that you have. The brisket can be store bought or smoked at home. The choice is yours. This recipe does not include instructions on making the brisket itself, just the chili.









get the recipe >>> Chili Con Carne


The perfect blend of spices, beans and extra veggies, means you can make a pound of minced beef feed 8 people!









get the recipe >>> Rainbow Chili

This rainbow chili recipe has all the colors of the rainbow. It tastes delicious, and is even kid-friendly!











get  the recipe >>> Blueberry Venison Chili


Blueberry venison chili combines a hunter’s favorite game meat with fresh berries and chiles for a surprisingly delicious flavor combination.









get the recipe >>> Easy Bloody Mary Chili

This easy bloody Mary chili recipe is thick and packed with flavor! If you love this classic drink or just love chili you’ve got to try this hearty meal.










get the recipe >>> Chili Mac


This easy chili mac recipe comes together in less than 30 minutes with simple ingredients that the whole family will love!









get the recipe >>> BBQ Pulled Pork Chili


A new twist on classic chili, this BBQ pulled pork version will be a new favorite!
Sweet, yet still smokey, kids and adults love this one.









get the recipe >>> Crock Pot White Bean & Turkey Chili


This white bean and turkey chili is made in the crock pot and couldn’t be easier to make. This chili is a great way to use up leftovers.










get the recipe >>> Slow Cooker Pineapple Chicken Chili


Slow cooker pineapple chicken chili is an easy recipe that makes it's own tangy sauce as it cooks in your slow cooker! Sweet chili sauce, crushed pineapple and fresh lime juice combine with juicy chicken breasts making this a crock pot pineapple chicken recipe that's bursting with flavor!

What is on your tailgating menu?


Written by Ann

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1 hour ago, Deranged Rhino said:

Is there a meet up spot in the lot for this weekend? If I’m able to go to the game I’d love to have a beer with folks. 

@mead107 said something about it in chat. I am not sure if it is this game or the Jets game though.

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Won’t be at this game. 

some friends will be at the hammer lot. Up near the shed. Just look for the helmets on roof of the black car. Paul and Lisa running the get together 

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Chili is great for this time of year. Tamales are good too - but a bit messy if you have them with sauce. 
Rubens are pretty good to do on a grill - just wrap them in foil and don’t let them burn. 
Grilled sausages - you name the best you want: Italian, Polish, Brats(sauté in beer before grilling) are all great. 

Don’t forget the beer and cheese, oh and wick. Homage to Beef on wick. :stirthepot:

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I'm not sure if the blueberry venison chili looks intriguing or gross. I'm sure I'll have to make it at some point to find out. And yes, the beer brat chili looks quite good.

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4 hours ago, Foxx said:

I'm not sure if the blueberry venison chili looks intriguing or gross. I'm sure I'll have to make it at some point to find out. And yes, the beer brat chili looks quite good.


It does look good.  Wish I wasn't the only one in the house who likes bratwurst.

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