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Beane end of year presser


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Will assess the roster on each side of the ball. We first need to know our roster before we can go looking. He mentions stepping back, and being honest. The cap matters too. He might not be able to keep everyone they want to keep.

They can build around Josh's contract.

He's talking about all the restructures they did last year.

"I wouldn't see use being big spenders"

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It starts with protecting Josh, and part of that is a run game.
He spoke a lot about the offensive line, too.

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A few years ago the coin toss was a big topic.
They talked about it last year, but it was a zoom call, soooo....
I would love to see it brought back to the table.
He has not talked to the Pegulas about it.
He thinks it might be different in the regular season vs the playoffs as you can only play so many minutes in the regular season.


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He and McDermott have talked about replacements for Daboll and Frazier.
They have to interview from the outside.
They are in wait and see mode.
Until it happens, they cannot look to someone else to replace them.

How much will Josh's opinion matter in a Daboll replacement?
I feel fortunate that he has only had one offensive coordinator.
He sat down with Josh Monday. He's in a great spot.
I, and or Sean, we'd be crazy not to...(circles back to they'd be silly not to talk to him).
Mitch signing, he called Josh before the deal was signed to make sure they never had an issue, etc. (He'd love to have Mitch back, please negotiate the same deal...) If he doesn't get a deal somewhere else, we have a spot for him.
Mitch had opportunities, but they were not stable opportunities.


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He never gets on Josh for interceptions or fumbles. He does get on him for taking unnecessary hits.
He's got a linebacker mentality.
I want him to get down, he wants to run over somebody.
He's getting better about it.


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Tremaine Edmunds:

Did a great job.
Naturally quieter, leads by example, people listen to him.
In year five we think he will be even better.
His awareness and instinct has improved.
He does a lot with the whole operation that does not get noticed.

Contract extension?
We will look at it.


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Core Four
20 minutes ago, Ann said:




This shows how much they over-valued Star, and are realizing he has under-performed overall.  The optimist in me sees "and wasn't the same after" to mean Star's time could be coming to an end.  His contract is still an issue, which Beane was too quick to extend him two years ago.  I believe this lends some credibility to the belief McD and Beane over-valued Star for several years.

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Matt Haack:

Inconsistent year.
Worked hard, didn't always translate.
Great ball holder, soft hands for Bass. Bass was having a great year and he didn't want to mess with Haack holding for him.
Will I look at it in the off season? "Yes"

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Asking questions about covid...

At one point we had 13 un-vaccinated
We got it down to six.
It did not ever mess with our culture.
He chatted with other GMs about it.
Once they started playing football, there was no friction.

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