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What cooking shows do you watch


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While I haven't watched it in a few years, I used to dig watching Chopped. Love to see how the chefs can be creative with crap ingredients.


The BBC version of Gordon Ramsay's F Word wais a good show as well: they would include segments where he would show how to make the featured dishes, and he would have a cookoff against a UK celebrity making the celebrity's signature dish. Was hilarious when he would lose.

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I like good eats. And Gordon Ramsey has a newer show that he travels around and learns about local dishes and does his take on local food in a challenge format. Really good show

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Too many to list.But a few




1) Cooks Country and Americas Test Kitchen

2) Milk Street TV

3) Steven Rachlen..various BBQ and grilling shows PBS under differnt bnames

4)Life of a Chef

5) Kitchen Queens New Orleans

6)un'wined..locl VA show on VA wine and food recipes pairings


Several more than are no longer on Jamie Oliver, John Besh to name a few


Food Network

The Kitchen

Symond's Dinners Cooking Out..all cooking done on grill

Barefoot Contessa 

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern( Cooking Channel)

Good Eats..Reloaded



Somebody Feed Phil





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