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2021 Pro Bowl Voting is Open [Edited: Madden ProBowl Sunday]


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2021 Pro Bowl Vote
Select up to 6 players per position. You will need to sign in or create an NFL account to cast your vote.

Vote once, vote often but it is gonna take a little ingenuity this time to do so.

And since Josh is right now the #1 QB (yards) he's first on the QB lineup
Diggs is #1 on the WR line-up
Poyer is in first position for SS
Bass is last in the first row
Andre Roberts is third on the top row

Everyone else from the Bills needs to be looked for...


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TakeYouToTasker 2.0
7 hours ago, GG1 said:


The way I read it is you will watch ProBowl players play Madden.  Insane.

I bet you $5 that I won’t.

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This is the list:

Bills currently in top 10 at their position:
QB Josh Allen - 3rd
WR Stefon Diggs - 2nd
ILB Tremaine Edmunds - 10th
FS Micah Hyde - 8th
SS Jordan Poyer - 3rd
K Tyler Bass - 10th
RET Andre Roberts - 2nd
LS Reid Ferguson - 7th

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How am I supposed to vote if I’ve never seen any of these guys play madden? I’m guessing Jason Pierre Paul is lousy at video games, but other than that who knows?

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The Pittsburgh Steelers lead all clubs in total votes received. The Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers and Buffalo Bills round out the current top five.


The current #1 at the position and how many votes are listed at this link.

The Bills right now that are #1 at their position:

● Stefon Diggs, Bills (WR) 149,739 votes
● Andre Roberts, Bills (RS) 77,609 votes
● Jordan Poyer, Bills (SS) 102,525 votes

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