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Bills Vs Colts in depth view


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Bills Vs Colts



Head to Head  Bills win 32 - Colts win 37

Last time we played the Colts... Colts won 37-5 Oct. 21, 2018


When the Colts have the Ball

Rivers has been called a playoff choker a couple times and I feel the pressure is on him big time in this part of his career to perform. This year the Colts have put up 451 points 9th most in the NFL. Rivers has been a stable QB this year with 23 TD, 10 INT, 98.1 Rating 4005 yards.

Running has been mostly done by Jonathan Taylor has had 916 total yards, 9TD, 1 Fumble.


On offense they rank 8th In passing yards, 16th in rushing yards and 9th in points for.


Trend  They won 4 out of there last 5 games, There Offense has had no fewer then 26 points during the same period. Rivers is a Hot/Cold type of QB and they do not have a 1000 yard receiver this year. Hilton has 735.


The Colts Defense 

The Colts Defense ranks 8th in the NFL over all with 15 INT (5th) in the NFL, 10 Fumbles (10th) total rank on takeaways (3rd) 24. This defense is complete 34 total sacks. There Defensive Line has 24.5 sacks.. There is no one player to double team.. they all do damage.

Int leader is CB Moore  4 INT. 


The Colts Special Teams

There punt return has been nothing special.. highest return 25 yards

There kick return isn't horrible.. they average 25.1 yards 1 TD

Kicking field goals. 30 of 33.. 53 yards long.. not bad.. 

Punting over all not bad either average 46.4 yards.


The Colts Overall 

They are a complete team that wins many ways. Numbers do not scare you when you glare at any individual number but when you look at the whole picture you can understand why they are in the playoffs. There FG kicking is great.. anything within 40 yards you can bank on it.. This is a team you can beat well by the time the game is over but there will be no half time victories.. I just cant see it.


When the Bills have the ball

The Bills are smoking hot with the ball. I'm not going to get into our numbers because we have looked them up many times.. The last few weeks when teams new we were running the ball we still got substantial yards.. But this stat should be the most impressive.. In the last 5 games we punted the ball a total of 6 times. In my opinion we are the hottest offense going into the playoffs. Period.


The Bills Defense

Improved. In the last 5 games we have allowed at most 26 points against Miami (with defensive players resting for the game), 24 points against 49ers and the other 3 games we allowed 9,15,19 points. We are a top 10 defense and maybe better cause after first half of the season I doubt we were top 15.


Stats on Defense.. points allowed 23.3 points tied 18th.  The last 5 games 19 points allowed would rank top 5.. Each game this defense is improving.


Bills Special Teams 

What a game today on special teams lol.. A return for a TD.. A punt inside the 1 yard line... This is another spot I am not going to look up many stats because we are impressive in returning yards and Kicker .. lets  see.. 38 of 34 with 58 long and oh yea.. I think Bass tied or broke a record today,,,


The Bills Overall 

Other then KC there is not a team that scares me.. We are smoking one good defense after another.. The hottest team BY FAR going into the playoffs no one wants to play... I saw a post in Miami forums today a guy saying I hope one of the 3 teams doesn't loose today cause I don't want to get destroyed by Buffalo 2 games in a row.. STOP FEARING TEAMS... They fear us...



Dont get me wrong, I am a fan of good ole Frank... But I give the edge to McD.. and his staff. Our play calling is just better all the way around. 


General Outcome

If Rivers Is hot Bills win by 6... If Rivers falls on his face in another playoff game... LOOK OUT... we will smoke yet another team by 15+

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Alaska Darin

The secret to this game is just play good, fundamental football.  Don't turn the ball over and tackle well.  We do those two things and we win easily.

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4 hours ago, Alaska Darin said:

The secret to this game is just play good, fundamental football.  Don't turn the ball over and tackle well.  We do those two things and we win easily.

From your keyboard...


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2 hours ago, GG1 said:

Do you think the Chad Kelly workout is legit, or a way to pump him for Colts info?


Eh, what's he going to tell you? The best HS field to storm in Indy? Which clubs to threaten to shoot up in South Bend?

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