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"Going back to when Brian was here in '18, obviously [we were] very young on offense and inexperienced at critical positions," Beane said. "Then you go to '19 and, all right, we helped the O-line, it's Year 2 for Josh and we gave him a couple weapons in [receiver] Cole [Beasley] and John Brown -- but we still don't have enough here yet ... I thought what Brian did from '18 to '19 showed growth and it obviously starts with the most critical position -- look at Josh's growth and what he did. Brian was hands-on that, [QBs coach] Ken Dorsey, too.

"That's what kind of gave us promise, 'Hey, if we could just add some more, Brian and his staff will be able to help us score more points.'"


"I do see in the league sometimes where I feel like coaches get graded on players that there's only so much you can do with," Beane said. "A chef's only as good as his ingredients."


Beane is no Buddy Nix.  Dude just gets it.

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One of the hallmarks of the Process (IMHO) is feeding the culture of friendship. Everything I've seen with players reacting with players, coaches, and the GM is positive. They all genuinely like each other and that builds camaraderie that pays dividends in a large way. They just seem so damn happy... and hungry. Happy and hungry is a great mindset for your football team to have.

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11 hours ago, IDBillzFan said:


He never used that word ATOP, so I'm assuming he's just adjusting to the change in menu.


He probably just Miss Pelt the word.  It happens.


(am I doin this wright?)

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