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How Large is the Buffalo Bills Organization


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I remember when Head Coaches of The Bills had to fight for coaching resources.

What a difference having well heeled ownership makes. I for one had no idea they had an organization this large.


Has anybody here ever met any of these Bills employees?


The Bills have over 250 full and part time employees! 

Terry Pegula - Owner and CEO

Kim Pegula - Owner and President


The Executive Team

Brandon Beane - General Manager

Gregg Brandon - EVP & General Counsel

Frank Cravotta - EVP of Creative Services, Pegula Sports Entertainment (PSE)

Mark Priester - EVP of Media & Content, PSE

Ron Raccuia - EVP, PSE


Front Office

1.     Jim Overdorf Sr. VP of Football Administration

2.     Jason Sinnarajah Sr. VP of Business Administration

3.     Derek Boyko VP of Communications

4.     Chris Colleary VP of Ticket Sales & Service

5.     Dan Evans VP of Information Technology

6.     Gretchen Geitter VP of Community Relations

7.     Andy Major VP Operations & Guest Experience

8.     Jeff Matthews VP Media & Content

9.     Jordan McCarren VP of Marketing

10.   Scott Berchtold Special Assistant

11.   Toni Addeo Executive Assistant (President)



12.   Sean McDermott Head Coach

13.   Leslie Frazier Defensive Coordinator/ Assistant Head Coach

14.   Brian Daboll Offensive Coordinator

15.   Heath Farwell  Special Teams Coordinator

16.   Bob Babich Linebackers

17.   Bobby Babich Safeties

18.   Rob Boras Tight Ends

19.   John Butler Defensive Backs

20.   Jacques Cesaire Assistant Defensive Line

21.   Ken Dorsey Quarterbacks

22.   John Egorugwu Defensive Quality Control/Assistant Linebackers

23.   Chad Hall Wide Receivers

24.   Terry Heffernan Assistant Offensive Line

25.   Bobby Johnson Offensive Line

26.   Marc Lubick Assistant Wide Receivers/ Game Management

27.   Jim Salgado Nickel Coach

28.   Kelly Skipper Running Backs

29.   Matthew Smiley Assistant Special Teams

30.   Shea Tierney Assistant Quarterbacks

31.   Eric Washington Defensive Line

32.   Ryan Wendell  Assistant Offensive Line

33.   Matt Worswick Assistant to the Head Coach


Strength & Conditioning

34.   Eric Ciano Head Strength & Conditioning

35.   Christine Dziedzic Team Dietitian

36.   Will Greenberg Assistant Strength and Conditioning

37.   Hal Luther Assistant Strength & Conditioning

38.   Jason Oszvart Strength & Conditioning Assistant


Player Personnel

39.   Joe Schoen Assistant General Manager

40.   Malik Boyd Director of Pro Personnel

41.   Terrance Gray Director of College Scouting

42.   Dan Morgan Director of Player Personnel

43.   Lake Dawson Assistant Director of College Scouting

44.   Brian Fisher Midwest Area Scout

45.   Brian Gaine Senior Personnel Advisor

46.   Pete Harris Northeast Area Scout

47.   Dennis Hickey Sr. National Scout

48.   A.J. Highsmith Area Scout

49.   Keith Jennings BLESTO Scout

50.   Doug Majeski West Area Scout

51.   Chris Marrow Pro Scout

52.   Asil Mulbah Pro Scout

53.   Tyler Pratt Personnel Coordinator

54.   Curtis Rukavina Pro Scout

55.   Mike Szabo Area Scout

56.   RJ Webb Scouting Assistant


Player Engagement & Alumni

57.   Marlon Kerner Director of Player Engagement & Alumni

58.   Jeremy Kelley Alumni Manager

59.   Len Vanden Bos Team Chaplain

60.   Laura Young Coordinator of Player Services


Football Administration

61.   Luis Güílamo Director of Analytics & Application Development

62.   Dennis Lock Director of Football Research and Strategy

63.   Kevin Meganck Director of Football Administration

64.   Brendan Rowe Director of Football Operations

65.   Raymond Alonzo Developer

66.   Jason Barbarino Coordinator of Football Administration/Operations

67.   Shuler Cotton Data Analyst

68.   Gail Zielinski Administrative Assistant

69.   Warren Zorilla Sr. Developer


Athletic Trainers

70.   Nate Breske Head Athletic Trainer

71.   Chris Fischetti Head of Rehabilitation & Head Injury Management Services

72.   Denny Kellington Assistant Athletic Trainer

73.   Joe Micca Physical Therapist

74.   Tabani Richards Assistant Athletic Trainer



75.   Jeffrey Mazurek Director of Equipment Operations

76.   Spencer Haws Assistant Director of Equipment Operations

77.   Kori Reblin Equipment Assistant

78.   Austin Skobel Equipment Assistant



79.   Jeff Mueller Video Director

80.   Wesley Burnard Assistant Video Director

81.   John Sniegowski Video Coordinator


Business Operations

82.   Barb Evans Director of Human Resources

83.   Kathryn D'Angelo Assistant General Counsel

84.   Celinda Santiago Mathews Administrative Assistant

85.   Michelle Schrum Human Resources Generalist



86.   Kevin Kearns Director of Communications

87.   Chris Fanelli Manager of Communications

88.   Nicole Hendricks Communications Coordinator

89.   Qadeer Morgan Communications Coordinator


Community Relations

90.   Michelle Roberts Executive Director, Buffalo Bills Foundation

91.   Preston Teague Sr. Director of Community Relations & Youth Football

92.   Meghan Hess Manager of Community Relations

93.   Britani Johnson Community Relations Coordinator

94.   Ryan Moore Community Relations Youth Programs Coordinator

95.   Andrea Turton Administrative Assistant



96.   Josh Dziurlikowski  Controller

97.   Sondra Bridge Sr. Payroll Manager

98.   Kris Gregory Sr. Accounting Manager

99.   Michelle Greis Accounts Payable Manager

100.Alex Joss Financial Accountant

101.Melissa Kulczyk Payroll Coordinator


Information Technology

102.Mathiew Harris Information Security Manager

103.Crystal Jowdy Manager of Technology Services

104.Justin Frentzel Support Specialist

105.Cory Kostrzycki Support Specialist

106.Bob Schumacher Network Engineer

107.Jim Zilliox  IT Project Manager


Media & Content

108.Mike Adamek Sr. Director of Media and Content

109.Chris Jenkins Sr. Director of Content

110.James Acton Associate Producer

111.Chris Brown Bills Insider

112.Corrina Dolan  Associate Producer

113.Jonathan Harkey Associate Producer

114.Andrew Meyer Associate Producer

115.Steve Tasker Co-host of One Bills Live


Medical Staff

116.Dr. Leslie Bisson Medical Director

117.Dr. Andrew Cappuccino Team Orthopedist - Spine

118.Dr. Marc Fineberg Team Orthopedist

119.Dr. Mark Kim Team Internist

120.Dr. Tom White Team Internist


Performance Science

121.Joe Collins Director of Performance Science

122.Jo Clubb Applied Sports Scientist



123.Chris Clark Sr. Director of Security

124.Paul Sortisio Director of Security

125.Lisa Cudihy Security Guard

126.Marty McLaughlin Security Manager

127.Steve Zak Security Guard


Stadium Operations

128.John Polka  Executive Director of Stadium Operations

129.Matt Hunter Sr. Director of Stadium Operations

130.Brian Burd  Director of Training Center Operations

131.Joe Frandina Director of Construction Management

132.Aaron Ramella Head Groundskeeper/Director of Grounds

133.Dave Boehm Construction Manager

134.Alex Abramo Operations Associate

135.Jonathan Barone General Maintenance

136.Sally Cataldo Stadium Operations Coordinator

137.Bill Connell Operations Associate

138.Debbie Haley Operations Associate

139.Chad Laurie Operations Associate

140.Cody Littere General Maintenance

141.Rick Morrow Mailroom

142.Steve Mount Operations Associate

143.Erick Pierce Shipping and Receiving Coordinator

144.Greg Przywara Operations Associate

145.Joseph Selapack Operations Associate

146.Nick Shuskie General Maintenance

147.Andrew Wagner General Maintenance

148.Kara Watson Operations Associate

149.Jim Willibey Operations Associate

150.Vince Zappio Operations Associate

151.Russ Zink Operations Associate


Event Operations & Guest Experience

152.Katie Jordan Director of Event Services

153.Zach Rutkowski Director of Guest Services

154.Emily Kearns Manager of Event Services

155.Caitlin Brigham Coordinator of Guest Services

156.Erika Siegel Coordinator of Guest Services

157.Chris Urbanski Events Coordinator


Ticket Sales & Service

158.Debbi Cummins Ticket System Director

159.Sean O'Brien Director of Premium Sales and Service

160.Matt Patrone Director of Ticket Sales & Service

161.Melissa Palgutt  Assistant Director of Premium Service

162.Chris Holland Sr. Ticket Sales Manager

163.Ricky Ferrell Manager of Premium Service

164.Jessica Laudico Manager of Premium Service

165.Chris Roberts Box Office Manager

166.Sara Beth Fisher Assistant Ticket Sales Manager

167.Mike Carroll Sr. Ticket Sales Account Executive

168.Greg Wright Sr. Premium Account Executive

169.Shiloh Allan Premium Account Executive

170.Kevin Bailey Account Service Coordinator

171.Nathan Coble Ticket Sales Account Executive

172.Michael Falitico Ticket Sales Account Executive

173.Nicholas Forcucci Ticket Sales Account Executive

174.Danielle Gaddis Account Service Coordinator

175.Jordan Moore Account Service Coordinator

176.Zach Richards Account Service Coordinator

177.Briana Ridge Ticket Office Coordinator

178.Saliah Serrette Customer Service Coordinator

179.Chris Smith Customer Service Representative

180.Nadia Warren Account Service Coordinator

181.Alexis Wilensky Customer Service Representative




Vice Presidents

182.Drew Boeing VP of Content Production

183.John Durbin Sr. VP of Marketing and Business Strategy

184.Christie Joseph Sr. VP of Human Resources

185.Mike McFarlane Sr. VP of Finance and Administration

186.Daniel Misko Sr. VP of Business Development

187.Christopher Schoepflin VP External Affairs & Strategic Development


Human Resources

188.Erin Fierle Sr. Human Resources Manager

189.Amanda Czajka Human Resources Generalist

190.Marisol Rosario Human Resources Coordinator


Business Development

191.Charlie Cannan Director of Events

192.Rachel Cappellino Director of Partnership Solutions

193.Rob Crean Director of Live Events

194.Joe Foy Director of Corporate Sales

195.Taylor Gahagen Director of Corporate Development

196.Neal McMullen Director of Corporate Sales

197.Ashley Meganck Director of Corporate Sales

198.Kelley Van Ness Director of Corporate Partnerships

199.Kyle Georger Manager of Corporate Sales

200.Kristine Hotchkiss Sr. Designer

201.Jonathan Latke Manager of Corporate Sales

202.Allison Pawarski Manager of Corporate Partnerships & Special Projects

203.Kristy Wilensky Manager of Corporate Partnerships & Special Projects

204.Ryan Hulub Associate Manager of Business Development

205.Emily Magavern Associate Manager of Business Development

206.John Ricotta Associate Manager of Business Development

207.Joe Schillace  Associate Manager of Business Development

208.Elizabeth Daley Office Efficiency & Engagement Coordinator

209.Michelle Mitchell  Coordinator of Suite Services

210.Dan Peters Traffic Coordinator

211.Candace Sena  Coordinator of Premium Seating

212.Lauren Yurko Administrative Assistant of Business Development



213.Don Heins Director of Communications



214.Aaron La Porta Creative Director

215.Vicki Sitek Creative Director

216.Kimberly Vara Operations Director

217.Bill Wippert  Chief Photographer

218.Joseph DeBenedictis Sr. Producer & Editor

219.Melissa Gebhardt Sr. Graphic Designer

220.David Jackson Sr. Motion Designer

221.Sarah Schuller Account Manager

222.Mike Bahrenburg Editor

223.Scott Balzer Editor

224.Travis Carlson Cinematographer

225.Marc Davies Cinematographer

226.Eric Heine Motion Designer

227.Colleen Holmes Traffic Coordinator

228.Chelsea Kowalik Graphic Designer

229.Justin Lowe Graphic Designer

230.Andy Quinn  Editor

231.Aaron Rizzo Cinematographer

232.Sara Schmidle  Photographer/Editor

233.Maggie Zuffranieri  Traffic Coordinator


Finance & Business Ops

234.Kyle Allen Director of Financial Planning & Analysis

235.Amanda Schwartz Manager of Purchasing & A/R

236.Ben White Assistant General Counsel


Information Technology

237.Shaun Handley Director of Information Technology

238.Nick Horvath IT Support Specialist



239.Gregg Pastore Sr. Director of Digital Media & Strategy

240.Craig Kanalley Digital Insights Manager

241.Olivia Merrill Digital Marketing Manager

242.Nico Ruggiero Digital Marketing Manager

243.Colin Greenway Digital Marketing Coordinator

244.Connor Kukla  Data Scientist

245.Michael Whitney Copywriter


Media & Content

246.Steve Asposto  Sr. Director of Broadcast Operations

247.Jay Harris Sr. Producer

248.Anna Stolzenburg Director of Social Media Strategy & Content

249.Michelle Girardi Zumwalt Supervising Producer

250.Dean Angle Library Manager

251.Jeff Coltoniak Producer-Technical Director

252.Zachary Specht Social Media Manager

253.Alexi Spector Sr. Social Media Editor

254.Kelsey Sweet Sr. Social Media Editor

255.Jami Cohen Media & Content Coordinator

256.Angela Filipski Media & Content Executive Assistant

257.Maddy Glab Multimedia Journalist

258.Thomas Hollander Graphics Producer

259.Alexandra Napoli Social Media Editor

260.Andrew Peters  Talent

261.David Rich Assistant AV Engineer

262.Craig Rivet Talent

263.Kelly Rood Studio Production Assistant

264.Jordan Territo Producer

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leh-nerd skin-erd
2 hours ago, Ann said:

So larger is better is not a myth?


What the.........no she di’int!!


@Nanker I met Scott Berchtold a few years back at a small party.  Friend of a family member.  It was right after the *Patriots signed Randy Moss, and there was some talk he was past his prime, a malcontent etc etc.  


A few of us were asking what they thought about Moss and if the Bills were concerned. 

He looked, sorta smiled and said “He’s Randy______Moss. Yes, we’re concerned!”.   

I don’t recall him inserting the f bomb between his first and last name, but it was certainly implied. Good call there. 



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6.     Gretchen Geitter VP of Community Relations


That's her on the left, the other two ladies were part of her Community Relations staff.  





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i have met a bunch of folks over the last few years being on The Fan Advisory Board. 


One thing to remember , the Bills game experience has been SOO much better once Andy Major took over...he being the grad of the Harvard  of the Pennsylvania State University system known as Slippery Rock!


Guess who else graduated from there?

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2 hours ago, plenzmd1 said:

i have met a bunch of folks over the last few years being on The Fan Advisory Board. 


One thing to remember , the Bills game experience has been SOO much better once Andy Major took over...he being the grad of the Harvard  of the Pennsylvania State University system known as Slippery Rock!


Guess who else graduated from there?

Marsha? :fear:

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  • 2 months later...
On 1/20/2021 at 6:46 PM, leh-nerd skin-erd said:

What the.........no she di’int!!


@Nanker I met Scott Berchtold a few years back at a small party.  Friend of a family member.  It was right after the **Patriots signed Randy Moss, and there was some talk he was past his prime, a malcontent etc etc.  


A few of us were asking what they thought about Moss and if the Bills were concerned. 

He looked, sorta smiled and said “He’s Randy______Moss. Yes, we’re concerned!”.   

I don’t recall him inserting the f bomb between his first and last name, but it was certainly implied. Good call there. 



very surprised to see Berchtold's name and that he is still connected to the Bills in any way

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