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Get your Girl Scout cookies here...

KD in CA

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Great, it's that time of year again. 


When all my coworkers with daughters in the girl scouts are either extra friendly, guilt tripping, or just flat out asking how many boxes this year.  One guy last year even brought his daughter in wearing her uniform for the extra guilt trip


Then it's what, another month or two before the cookies show up. 


And then the office spends another month or so eating all the girl scout cookies were impelled to by

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We got a flyer in the mailbox on who to call in our subdivision for cookies.

I am gonna pass this year. Since they made all the modifications years ago the cookies just are not very good. My father didn't agree so I bought him a few boxes every year, and he was thrilled. Now that he has passed away, I have no one to pawn them off on.


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