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A Few Thoughts About the Titans Game, in no particular order

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As I said last week, I've refrained from taking notes while watching the games, so please don't break out the pitchforks if something is too terribly wrong. Also, I was at the game, and the cell service was terrible, so I couldn't really check up on much in the moment. 

1 - Henry

Yes, I know, this is a Bills review. However, the once known King Henry was easily considered to be the most dominant force coming onto the field, not wearing number 17. However, I was absolutely floored to see how much of a non-factor Henry was in this game. Not because the Bills had an excellent game plan for him, but because he finally seems to be wearing down in his age or due to injury. I spotted at least three tackles on Henry where someone took him down with one arm or solo, things which were nearly impossible in prior seasons. Groot arm-barred Henry on one play, and that seemed to be all she wrote for the Titans trying to run the ball. Without any viable receivers and a much weaker Henry, the Titans are in for a long season.

2 - Stadium

First, I didn't feel ESPN's presence at all in this game. I saw some camera's near Pinto Ron, but that's it. I could tell no one was on the sidelines, and there was nothing extra on the monitors. It was just a Bills game that happened to occur at night. Second, while everyone is an adult, fans really need to be saved from themselves on some level. The extra time to drink before the game was apparent, and not in a funny way. People were way too drunk to be walking up and down concrete stairs or even to be in public. It was honestly sad, and I was glad I didn't see a lot of kids at the game. However, I must admit that this was easily one of the loudest games I've ever been to. Bills fans showed up, and the pre-game speeches by Bruce, Jim, and Marv really hit home.


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3 - Diggs

Here's how I imagine halftime went in the Bills locker room. Diggs walked up to Dorsey, threw his playbook in the trash, slapped Motor and told him to fake an injury, then stared down McD until he peed a little. Because the second half of this game, 3rd quarter for what matters, was literally backyard football between Diggs and Allen. Everyone else on the Bills might as well have sat down on the field with popcorn. The deep ball touchdown reminded me a lot of the Smoke TD against the Pats, where the DB got all turned around, and the minute Josh saw the hips rotate, he just launched it deep. Watching the play unfold from the stands was a thing of beauty. 


Tell me about Ray and his girl
Do I know Ray has gone to meet you?
Love you, I do
Stay here, I won't
The stars fade from your eyes

5 - Preseason

If ever you needed a game to be reminded why the preseason means nothing, watching Shakir and Cooks in this game was it. Like most people pre-game, I expected Davis being out meant that Shakir was going to line up on the outside and have a solid game. I was not expecting the Kumerow show if I can even call it that. Granted, Shakir messing up on that 4th and short play most likely earned him a seat in the McD doghouse, but Shakir was a complete non-factor in this game. As for Cook, he may have broken off one good run in the 4th against back-ups, but he was still a non-factor in the game and looked kind of slow to me.



6 - Pass Rush

I will take all the credit for Groot having a good game, as I decided to wear his jersey to the stadium. Outside of that, it seemed like Frazier focused on more of a contained pass rush, as Groot and Von looked to be trying to run around their blockers and coming in wide. They rarely hit home, but Tannehill had no choice but to stand still in the pocket. I'm sure everyone wanted to see another seven-sack game performance. Still, you can't argue with the results, as Tannehill put on an absolutely dreadful performance and got benched after the pick 6. 

7 - Jordan

This man is worth his contract just on being a hype-man alone. Jordan was all about the fans in this game, waving his arms to get the crowd louder, running around the endzone, and overall just giving the defense its personality. His performance didn't jump off the stat sheet, but neither did anyone on the Titan's offense. In a game where I was initially worried about the loss of Ed and Settle, I was calmer to know Jordan was still in there.

8 - Edmunds

I can't even think about how long it's been since I had something positive to say about Edmunds, but he really had a monster first quarter. Not only did he get into the backfield, but he also got there quickly, decisively, and laid the lumber on a few plays. He looked like an absolute menace before completely disappearing for the rest of the game. While that may seem like a knock on Edmunds, it's really not, as the Titans offense just puttered through the rest of the game, looking like a high school team during their first practice.


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9 - Beane

While not on the field, and while we did play against the broken Titans, Beane deserves the game ball for me here. To be down our #2 receiver, #1 and #3 DT, #1 and #2 DB, and Morse for most of this game, and still have the depth to win 41-7....wow. I mean, wow. The depth on this team is ridiculous, and it really showed. You can argue Elam not being on the field until later in the game, but that's also a testament to how well Benford has panned out. Now, the injuries are a concern as we advance, but you have to admire a team that won so soundly when other teams would have folded with half of those injuries.

10 - Tua

I had the pleasure of being at the Ravens/Dolphins game on Sunday, which was a perfect scouting opportunity for the Bills' next two opponents. I have to say, if the Bills can just tackle and keep one safety deep, the Dolphins are not the team their score indicated they are. I'm not trying to be cocky or predict a win (you know that goes with me), but watching each team's defense was a head-scratcher to me. Both teams played Cover 1 or had both safeties within 10 yards of the LOS. Both of the Hills TDs at the end were on busted coverage because why cover the fastest player on the field? Most of Tua's passes were WR screens, quick outs, or slants. So many balls hung up in the air that the Ravens almost picked off. The Dolphins seem to rely on Waddle and Hill breaking tackles and busting loose downfield. While being down Jackson and Tre is scary, our LBs and Safeties being able to cover their zones is probably the most basic game plan we can implement. If nothing else, seeing Tua's arm in person really made me appreciate Josh.

Go Bills!


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