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  • Who Are the Bills Mafia?

    Image Credit: © JAMIE GERMANO-USA TODAY Sports        If you are a fan of football, you are probably very familiar with one of the top rising teams in the NFL, the Buffalo Bills. Not only have they developed into quite the football powerhouse, but they have quite a loyal fan base following as well. If you're wondering what Buffalo Bill Fans are called, you are about to be educated about some of the greatest fans there are - the Buffalo Bills Mafia.           Don't let the "maf

    Bills History
  • The Playoff History of the Buffalo Bills

    Image Credit: © USA TODAY Sports   As we know all too well, the Buffalo Bills have a storied past. With 31 career playoff games played since 1960, the Bills have a record of 14-17. More importantly, despite making it to the Super Bowl four times, they have not been able to earn their first ring as a franchise.   This article will take a deeper dive into the historic Buffalo playoff teams of the past. Four Consecutive Playoff Appearances in the 60s Back before a nu

    Bills History

    The Snow Bowl

    Image Credit: © Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports   On December 10, 2017, the game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Buffalo Bills in Orchard Park at, what was then, New Era Field, affectionately became known as "The Snow Bowl."   The NFL played the contest in near-blinding blizzard conditions. Before the game even started, snow-covered the entire field and accumulated a depth of 6 inches before the end of the first quarter. The snow persisted throughout much of the game. A

    Bills History

    Leaving the Past Behind

    Image Credit: © Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports   The Buffalo Bills stampeded the New England Patriots Saturday night, 47-17, but it was so much more than a lopsided playoff game.      It’s well known:  Bills fans love their team.  They aren’t the only fans who love their team, and they aren’t the only pro football fans who have suffered through the seemingly endless futility of their team.   Still, the story of the pain of Bills fans is legendary:  Wide right and the four str

    The Rockpile Review

    Bills Make Statement with 47-17 Win Over New England in Wild Card Round

    Image Credit: © Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports   It was an absolute clinic on the game of football. The Buffalo Bills set several NFL playoff records, one of which was scoring a touchdown on each of its first seven drives of the game. The Bills dominated every facet of Saturday’s wild-card playoff game from the beginning of the game until the final kneel down to end it.   It started with the opening kickoff. Buffalo QB Josh Allen led the Bills down the field on a game-openin

    Bills '21

    Playoffs Edition - Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots - A Few Thoughts about the game, in no particular order

    Image Credit: © Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports   Indifference can be either a really good or bad thing. I've had football Sundays where I didn't realize I was watching a Bills game until well into the 2nd quarter. Obviously, I'm watching the game, but it just feels like I'm watching any other program. Typically, I wake up on a football Sunday, and I'm already mentally planning my morning around pregame shows, food, and whatever else I have to do that day. But some days, like Saturday,

    A Few Thoughts...
  • Bills Tidbits

    Didn't see a place here to post random Bills things that don't really need a thread so here goes.   A young Kelly and Bradshaw:  

    Buffalo Bills Community Forum

    Bills Running Backs

    [As we move through the off-season, We thought it might be good to have threads dedicated to position groupings so as to better keep track of what is going on with each. As always, you are free to start your own thread on any subject. We just ask that if you do, cross post it to the respective [positional grouping] thread for ease of reference by others.]

    Buffalo Bills Community Forum

    2021 Sabres Offseason

    Is this the most important offseason in franchise history? Is the June calm before the July storm making you uneasy? Do you still unironically wear Sabres apparel out in public? A lot will happen this summer, so let us discuss:   1. New Head Coach: The Sabres could go in three basic directions. The first and most likely direction would be sticking with Don Granato because of the late-season improvements he made in the team’s style of play, his more rigorous practices, and the positive

    NHL and Other 3 Letter Sports

    Amerks Playoff Run

    As @Alaska Darin said in the Sabres off-season thread, the Amerks move on to the Division Finals against Laval starting Sunday.   All games in Laval are 7 PM & in Ra-cha-cha are 7:05 PM.   In Laval: Sunday & Monday.   In Ra-cha-cha Wednesday & if necessary Friday   In Laval if necessary The following Sunday.

    NHL and Other 3 Letter Sports

    Around the NFL

    For all football things non-Bills or non-Covid.

    Buffalo Bills Community Forum
  • Welcome to Orchard Park for a Bills Game!

    This is our attempt to give people ideas on where to stay, what to eat, what to see, and where to tailgate as best we can. Lists are certainly not complete and exhaustive, but we do our best to give you ideas for your trip to Buffalo! Join us at the Bills Fans community!   This document has been updated for 2021. A very special thanks to Plenzmd1, who originated a lot of the material in this document.   Purchase Buffalo Bills Tickets Buffalo Bills Health and Safety Admis

    Welcome to Orchard Park
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