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  • Which Drivers Really Piss You Off?

    Permit me to offer up my top candidate:  The no-turn-signal motorist.  Some people must have purchased slightly discounted vehicles, the ones without that lever sticking out of the left side of the steering column.  Changing lanes, no indication; turning, no notice required, etc.  Of course, there are some drivers who do use the turn signal in unique ways; they want you to know they will turn at some point ahead -  about a quarter mile ahead; others firmly believe the turn signal is only for 90°

    The OT

    BILLS 2024/25 Season Official Thread

    Buffalo Bills Community Forum

    2024 Draft (because why not?)

    10 picks in hand to move up for Marvin Harrison Jr. after Gabe plays so well he prices himself out of the Bills' range. 😉    (A proclamation guaranteed to be wrong in 11 months time - but I'll stand by it for the yucks!)

    Buffalo Bills Community Forum

    2024 NFL Quarterback Carousel

    For discussion of this year’s Quarterback shuffle.      .

    Buffalo Bills Community Forum

    Florida Man

    I think we can all agree that Florida Man deserves his own thread.   I’ll start.    

    The OT

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