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  • Dolphins Chat 2024

    We are updating all the long AFC EAST threads here.     Use this new thread for @024 Dolphins news and comments.       Click here for Dolphins chat 2020-2023 seasons      

    Buffalo Bills Community Forum

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    Reddick on the move?  

    Buffalo Bills Community Forum

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    Kudos to Harrison Phillips!    

    Buffalo Bills Community Forum

    Gardening / Homesteading

    Not sure how many of you are interested.   After years of planting a garden in the local clay/soil and not having the best harvests even with composting and attempts to make the soil more organic, I have decided to use raised beds this year. I have plenty of room around the house for the garden to be large but; I decided on Square Foot Gardening after reading a lot about it. I made the lot 40'x20'.   I have access to hundreds of free untreated wood pallets. Lumber prices are

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