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  • Bills Country

    • Alaska Darin
    • Ann
    • Alaska Darin
    • Ann
      Might be true. Looks like an announcement this week. August 18th is the release date (I think)                    
    • Crap Throwing Clavin
      Actual footage of Tua's leadership...    
    • Alaska Darin
      Excellent points.  There's certainly a method to how GMBB wants to build a team.  External FAs with big deals will rarely be making their way to Buffalo.  Instead, we'll do a lot of what the Patriots used to do - hang out in the background and sign guys to one-year, cheap deals because they have a chance to show something on a grand stage and possibly win a ring.   Big money will be spent judiciously on drafted/developed players with an eye on extending them a year early, rather than letting the contract lapse.  There will certainly be instances when players (think Milano) won't sign early and instead will test the market.  That's just the cost of doing business.   There has been some noise in the Mafia about how GMBB must not have liked Edmunds but there was no way we were going to pay that guy huge dollars for what he brings to the table.  The little things that have been said show that they appreciated TE49 the man more than they liked the player.  For all the obvious reasons.
    • Cinga
      The more I think about this, I'm thinking the Bills are starting to take an Atlanta Braves approach that can have some risks, but also can help keep a solid corps of players intact while also adding talent through trades, etc.   In the last few years they have signed homegrown talent like Acuna, Reilly, Albies, Harris, Strider to long term deals early in their careers to more team friendly contracts. Each of them had years of team control and arbitration yet. That on the other hand has also allowed them to go out and get players like Olsen and Murphy. This gives the Braves a really solid core that will assure they stay remain a WS favorite for years to come. It's also a win for those players because they will be young enough for another big payday at the end of it   With the early signing of Josh, and now Eddie I hope this becomes a trend for us to try and keep some of our better homegrown talent to build that core, and keep us on top for years to come. If the Bills had waited until in season, or after season, there is an extremely good chance Oliver price tag would have continued to go up, probably out of the range we could afford to pay.    
    • Spartacus
      Oliver penetrates like a 3T is supposed to.   Under Frazier, the line got pressure, but their sack totals and other metrics were muted by the phobia to play contain to avoid giving up the big play.  Giving up 20 yards on 3rd and 18 would seem to be a big play, but Frazier lives in his own  cover 2 world.    the entire defense will have a marked increase in sacks, if that is what "more aggressive" means in McD's world. my guess is Washington was coaching with his hands tied behind his back.    
    • IDBillzFan
      I love the headline and I love the attitude, but anyone who truly believes he will be on the field vs. the Jets needs to catch Von's caveat.     
    • Ann
      A 'major voice" erm....    
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