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  3. 2022 Season

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  5. Justin Fields or Joe Flacco this week?

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  6. First Draft Of The Year

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  7. Playoffs!!!

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  • Bills Country

    • Ann
    • Ann
      Trent Sherfield presser        
    • Ann
      Trent Sherfield         Not really a shot at Tua when you listen to the presser, but      
    • Ann
    • Foxx
      I guess they weren't expecting this.  
    • SquirminThurman
      LB Dorian Williams as a Sophomore in 2020. I know it is highlight film. 4-6th round grade I'll post more film shortly.   Things I like. 1) Solid against the run, knifes through the line and wraps up 2) Comfortable playing zone, look at him lined up multiple times vs the slot 3) lays the lumber, you will see the devastating shoulder tackle from a zone cover read 4) gets off of blocks and makes tackles, he fights off a double team (ahem) 5) in pass plays he recognizes when there is no one in his zone and blitzes the passer forcing the QB to make a decision    
    • Spartacus
      could be a MLB/ S   he's 6'1, so too big to play WR in this offense
    • Ninety-4
      Can he play MLB?
    • SquirminThurman
      Dorian Williams would be a nice fit in a zone scheme. I think I mentioned him here before. Estimated 4-6th round guy.   Jack Campbell would be a reach in the 1st IMO, solid value in the second.
    • Billsandhorns
      Bottom 3 don't count in the formula only  Only players designated as UFA count in the formula. There are at least two players on that list that have resigned. A] Compensatory Free Agent (“CFA”) shall be defined as an Unrestricted Free Agent (“UFA”) who: (i) signed with a new Club during the prior free agency signing period […] prior to 4:00 p.m., New York time, on the Monday following the NFL Draft for that League Year1 […]; and (ii) ranked within the top 35%2 of all League players […]. Clubs that lose to other Clubs a greater number of CFAs than they sign or acquire from other Clubs shall be eligible to receive a Compensatory Draft Selection in the College Draft to be held in the following League Year subject to the provisions set forth below. Here is the link that goes into more detail. https://overthecap.com/the-basics-and-methodology-of-projecting-the-nfls-compensatory-draft-picks
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