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Milennials Have Been Ravaged by the United States Economic System


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An opinion piece in Business Insider discusses the potholes in our economic system that have blocked the author from participating in the American Dream her family sought for her when they came to this country a genertion ago.  (It  appears her parents mastered the keys to some degree of success here.)




Here are some alternatives for her to consider:


A)  Just wait a bit longer, the Democrat's will be sending money by the bag full to your address very soon.


B)  Quitcherbitchin (STFU) and look for an additional job or three (there are plenty of openings to go around).  Open a savings account and talk with a public service financial advisor for help building a long range plan.


C)  Emigrate to your home country where you will feel more companionship and understanding from you fellows.


D)  Don't link your individual woes to other Milennials who appear to have mastered the economic steps to self-sufficiency.



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She came over in 1989 and now owns nothing? My son was born in 1988. He owns vehicles, furniture, his own house, 401Ks, investments, etc.  We financed his schooling through his first masters, but he paid for the second one. What he owns, he worked for. 

Stop buying the newest and bestest everything, start investing that money instead. If you go to college make sure it is in a field that you can pay back the loans for, (better yet, apprentice in a trade that cannot be shipped overseas!) Get out of the major cities where things are expensive and transient.  Start saving and investing. 

It is a mindset, not lack of opportunity, 

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