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Give me your best sloppy joe recipe.


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I enjoy a mix of McCormick sloppy joe mix, French's Worchestershire sauce, canned plain tomato sauce, and yellow mustard. I would not mind trying something different.

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It’s all a matter of taste, isn’t it. That, and proportion. 
I ALWAYS shoot from the hip on these kind of family dishes. 
Sometimes it works out well, other times, not so much. 
Go for it. 



Diced onions

Garlic (fresh, pressed - more on that later)

tomato (if paste - need water, if sauce - enough to just cover the browned burger. 

Chili powder

(maybe) a Bay Leaf...(maybe)

Smoked paprika

Sriracha to taste - or just cayenne  

Perhaps some water depending on what you’ve used from the above. 
If it isn’t piquant enough, you can add a judicious amount of cider vinegar - a little at a time. A little at a time. 

Catsup to taste ( hopefully you don’t need this nasty thing, but if you’ve got a bitter brew going, this might, might get your dish back to edible.)


Coarse ground pepper to taste 


You can toss in a beef bouillon cube, or a little consume to boost the beef flavor. 

WRT garlic. It contains two essential oils. When they mix, they become bitter. If you slice garlic it is less bitter. Dice it and it becomes more bitter mince or crush it and it’s pretty bitter. But, burn or scorch it and it’s inedible. 

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Have not made that in 20 years. 

I can remember my stepdad made great sloppy joe. 

Also fantastic cream tuna. 
have not had that in 40 years. 

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