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Party All the Time Tailgating Menu


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We are back to tailgating at Highmark Stadium as the Buffalo Bills take on the Carolina Panthers this Sunday at 1pm!


Whether you are meeting friends at the stadium or at an outside lot or doing your own little tailgating celebration in a stadium parking lot, these terrific tailgating cocktails and mocktails might give you new and exciting drink ideas to bring along! No matter what size gathering, these terrific tailgating beverages are sure to be a crowd-pleasing hit! So raise a glass of cheer and drink to a Buffalo Bills victory.


If you are creating your own menu, what are you bringing? Is it a whole menu, nibbles, or a dish to share? 


Go Bills! :cheer2:







get the recipe >>> Easy Spicy Dorito Nachos with Cheese


These easy spicy Dorito nachos are perfect for tailgating parties and get-togethers. These nachos are made with Doritos, with a layer of saucy bbq chicken, and topped with jalapenos, tomatoes, and bell peppers. Of course, there's that delicious cheese too, to round it all up!










get the recipe >>> Cheese Dogs

Traditional cheese dogs are taken to a new level with one simple addition. Easy to make, these are a great tailgating appetizer.









get the recipe >>> Easy, Cheesy, Taco Pockets

If you are looking for a handheld pocket of joy, these taco pockets are just what you need. Regular biscuit dough filled with the most perfect, savory taco filling - serve with sour cream, and pickled red onions. Great for tailgating!









Because we are in Buffalo, a wings recipe: Zesty Tequila Lime Chicken Wings


Crispy wings are super easy to make and get even better when covered with a boozy, smoky, citrusy glaze. Turn your tailgate into a party by adding wings!









get the recipe >>> Grilled Italian Sausage and Peppers


This Grilled Italian Sausage and Peppers is a flavorful and hearty meal that can be served on a hoagie roll. A great recipe for cold tailgating. 








get the recipe >>> Teriyaki Chicken on a Stick


This teriyaki chicken on a stick is an easy family favorite recipe.  These tasty marinated chicken teriyaki kebabs are grilled to perfection for the ultimate sweet, salty, and savory bite. 









get the recipe >>> Hedgehog Slice


This Hedgehog Slice is the ideal no-bake chocolate dessert. It is quick to make and easily adapted to be gluten-free.










get the recipe >>> Mulled Wine


Call it mulled wine, glögg, or glühwein, this spiced wine punch is hot and spicy when it is cold and icy. The recipe can also be made non-alcoholic, too. The mulled hot spiced wine recipe is the ideal drink for a December tailgate.


What is on your tailgating menu?


Written by Ann

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