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Virtual Off-Season Expected for 2021


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On 1/19/2021 at 6:20 PM, Cinga said:

Heck, I thought Xiden was going to fix it all for us?

It only took him 2 days to reveal that was a total fabrication.  I guarantee his handlers were none to pleased about that "slip of the truth".

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NFLPA continues push for another virtual offseason program


Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the NFL and NFL Players Association have not yet made much movement on the details of the 2021 offseason program. The NFLPA, based on advice from its medical experts, believes that a virtual offseason program represents the smartest and safest approach, given the current state of the pandemic.

The union firmly believes that, as a nation, we’re not yet out of the woods. Indeed, the seven-day average of new cases has increased by 6.7 percent from the prior seven-day average. Also, the number of new cases per day currently sits at 17,000 — that’s three times the number of new cases per day from a year ago.


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We are just a few weeks away from teams signing a bunch of UDFAs who dream is to make an NFL team, not to mention the bubble players who desperately don't want to lose their jobs. Interesting times ahead.

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These guys played during the peak, but are now concerned about controlled workouts when the virus is in a decline?


Yeah, it's all about safety.  

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9 hours ago, Ann said:

I would think this is fairly obvious to the players and NFLPA, but I could be wrong:


players are not very bright at the best of times


we will see how strong the Buffalo culture is to weather this stupidity


actual practicing could give them a huge advantage over these couch sitters




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